Member Benefits


JAG WEB SITE includes a members only section containing valuable information that can help streamline your station’s operation and a database of JAG’s documents.

MONTHLY MEETINGS provides a forum to discuss best practice, problem solving strategies, and supporting municipal communication infrastructures.

JAG E-MAIL NETWORK facilitates communication among members and provides members a way to address any related issues —from ads for staff positions to technical troubleshooting.

SHARED PROGRAMMING helps members get their programs out to a broader audience through the use of a common web server and tape distribution.

MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER provides information on communication issues, updates on committee activities, vendor product updates, and schedule of meeting, webinars, and other conferences.

MEMBER ASSISTANCE provides opportunities to address member need at members meetings, speaking before managements/support groups, and technical support.

PRODUCT DEMONSTRATIONS provides members with updates on the latest products specific to our communication by vendors.

INDUSTRY REPRESENTATION provides members with opportunities to participate in meetings with various content providers and related agencies.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE provides members with the opportunity to speak with manufactures and see the latest technology and to attend seminars by professionals that provide assistance in PEG station operation and distribution of content on multiple platforms. www.powerofpartners.org

JAM VIDEO AWARDS provides members with the opportunity to promote the work of their communities.

JAG RECOGNITION AWARDS provide opportunity to celebrate the spirit of community leadership, dedication, and outstanding service.

DISCOUNTS on JAG conference registration, JAM Awards submissions, NATOA annual conference, and Government Expo, Washington DC workshops.

NATOA WEBINAR access at member rate.