Membership Meeting Schedules

2019 Executive and Membership Meeting Schedules

January 9th– Wednesday

Board of Trustees Installation Meeting

  • Install New Trustees
  • Elect Officers
  • Re – Review finances and funding needs
  • Approve 2019 budget
  • Review Standing Committee activities
  • Review sub-committee activities & dissolve as needed.
  • Review Ad Hoc Committee activities-reestablish, as needed.
  • Establish new Ad Hoc Committees as needed.


Executive Committee Meeting

  • Approve meeting schedule content
  • Approve budget
  • Goals for the year
  • Review Agendas Format


January 30th– Wednesday

Membership & Reorganization Meeting in East Brunswick

  • Install New Officers
  • Report from Trustees meeting
  • Standing Committees Members Update
  • Establish Ad Hoc Committees
  • Call for committee sign up from membership
  • Reaffirm Certified and Voting members
  • Vote on annual budget
  • Set meeting locations Apr/Sept/Oct/Nov-2019
  • Organizational member presentation by JVC


February 13th– Wednesday

Executive Committee Meeting

  • Review Membership Survey
  • Review Action Plan
  • Decide if JAG will have a Booth at NJLOM Conf.
  • Decide if JAG will have a Booth at NJ-GMIS Conf.


February 27th– Wednesday

Membership Meeting in Princeton

  • Report on Action items for the year
  • Report on Membership Survey
  • Remind Members of upcoming Conference – Early Bird ending date.
  • Nomination for Leg. of the Year & Municipal Excellence
  • Launch JAM Awards
  • Organizational member presentation by Telvue.


March 13th– Wednesday

Executive Committee Meeting

  • Review and update Policy and Procedures
  • Revisit and update Mission Statement
  • NJLOM Conference Session Ideas

March 27nd– Wednesday

Membership Meeting in Piscataway

  • Report on any changes to Policy and Procedures.
  • Report any changes to Mission Statement.
  • Organizational member presentation by Toner Cable.


April 10th– Wednesday

Executive Committee Meeting

  • JAG Conference Review
  • Leg of Year & Municipal Excellence award selection
  • Review NATOA conf. participation


April 24th   – Wednesday

Membership Meeting in Oradell

  • JAG Conference Review
  • Organizational member presentation by Tightrope


May 22nd– Wednesday, **No Membership Meeting**

Board of Trustees/ExecutiveCommittee Meeting.

  • NATOA Chapter  updates
  • Guest: Executive Director and Board President NATOA


May 22nd– Wednesday

JAG Members Welcome Reception in New Brunswick


May 23rd– Thursday

Eastern Video Expo Day 1 at Hyatt New Brunswick

  • Trade Show w/FM Valenti Road Show
  • Student Symposium
  • Legislative Workshops
  • Affinity Lunch
  • JAG Banquet
  • JAG Video Awards


May 24th– Friday

Eastern Video Expo Day 2 at Hyatt New Brunswick

  • Workshops
  • Keynote Lunch


June 5th– Wednesday

Executive Committee Meeting

  • Session Notice Submission for LOM Conference
  • Participation in NATOA conference
  • Decide on Retreat Dates in August


June 12th– Wednesday

Membership Meeting in West Milford

  • Conference wrap
  • NJLOM Update


July 10th – Wednesday, **No Membership Meeting**

Executive Committee Meeting

  • Finalize League Program and Presenters
  • Approve conference location contract
  • Discuss Agenda for Retreat.


August  *(event)TBD*–**No Membership Meeting**

Executive Committee Meeting/Retreat

  • Board of Trustees Meeting & Ex. Committee Retreat
  • Report Card 2018-19 (accomplishments/challenges)
  • Review Finances
  • Review Action Plan
  • Review bylaws and policies & procedures


September 11th– Wednesday

Executive Committee Meeting

  • Vote on JAG’s policy and procedures.
  • Vote on any bylaws changes
  • Go over agenda topics for membership meeting


September 25thWednesday

Membership Meeting in East Rutherford

  • Present Action Plan
  • Introduction of any bylaws changes
  • Ask members for NJ League conference booth support
  • Ask members for committee participation/sign-up
  • Set meeting locations for Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr-2020
  • Organizational member presentation by Varto Technologies


October 9th– Wednesday

Executive Committee Meeting

  • Prepare committee budget requests for 2020.
  • Review and finalize any bylaws changes
  • Discuss NJ League event and pass out common message to use on the vendors floor about JAG.
  • Finalize NJ League conference support.


October 30thWednesday

Membership Meeting in Bloomfield, NJ

  • 2ndreading and vote on any bylaws changes
  • Relate to members those running for Trustees positions.
  • Introduction to the members any bylaws changes.
  • Share with members NJ League status.
  • Remind members of the NJ League Conference dates.
  • Introduction to the members of the 2020 budget
  • Organizational member presentation by TBD


November 13th – Wednesday

Executive Committee Meeting

  • Finalize NJ League conference / participation.
  • Finalize 2020 executive/membership meeting schedules.


December 4th– Wednesday

Membership Meeting in TBD

  • Membership Election of Trustees
  • Chairs. Membership report on past year’s activities.
  • Annual Report from all Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.
  • 2ndreading of 2020 committee budgets.
  • Present the 2020 meeting schedules.
  • Ask members for conference workshop ideas.
  • Organizational member presentation by TBD.