Membership Meeting Schedules


2020 Executive and General Membership Meeting Schedule 

October 14th– Wednesday

Executive Committee Meeting

  • Committee Reports
  • Prepare committee budget requests for 2020.


October 28th  Wednesday

General  Meeting

  • 2ndreading and vote on any bylaws changes
  • Nomination of Officers
  • Share with members NJ League status.
  • Remind members of the NJ League Conference dates.
  • Introduction to the members of the 2020 budget
  • Organizational member presentation by Cablecast


November 10th – Tuesday

Executive Committee Meeting

Committee Reports

Review Budget

Finalize NJ League Conference participation

Finalize next year’s meeting schedule


December 2nd – Wednesday

General  Meeting

  • Membership Election of Trustees
  • Chairs. Membership report on past year’s activities.
  • Annual Report from all Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.
  • 2ndreading of 2020 committee budgets.
  • Present the 2020 meeting schedules.
  • Organizational member presentation by DeSisti


December 9th – Wednesday

Executive Committee Meeting

Committee Reports

Chairs report on past year

Annual Report from all Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.

Present next year’s meeting schedule dates


January 6th – Wednesday

Board of Trustees Meeting

Review finances and funding needs

Approve budget

Review Standing Committee activity

Review all sub-committees activities and dissolve as needed.

Review all Ad Hoc Committees activities; re-establish as needed

Establish new Ad Hoc Committees as needed

Executive Committee Meeting

Goals for the year

Review Agenda format

Approve meeting schedule content

Approve budget


January 27th – Wednesday

General Meeting

Installation Meeting

Install New Officers

Report from Trustees meeting

Standing Committees Update

Establish Ad Hoc Committees

Reaffirm Certified and Voting Members

Call for committee sign up

Vote on Annual Budget

Set meeting schedule for second half of the year

Organizational member presentation by JVC


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