President’s Message

President’s Message

New Year….but not the same ole’ JAG

I am happy to report that the JAG Board of Trustees had their annual meeting, setting the course for the future of the organization.  This is made possible by the great input we received over the course of year from our members.  Some of these comments are brought up at monthly meetings, input we receive during our annual conference or in emails we may receive.  It is only through input and feedback from our members that the board can fully understand what is on the mind of our members and help this organization move forward.  I encourage all members to continue to be involved, provide feedback and support the organization.


One of the first things I would like to report out on is the Board of Trustee Elections and Appointments at the annual Meeting:


Executive Board

President                                   Bob Duthaler

Vice-President                         Dave Garb

Treasurer                                  Linda Besink

Recording Sec.                        Dave Ambrosy

Corresponding Sec.               Anthony Pagliuco

Production Chair                    Lee Beckerman

External Relations Chair      Geoffrey Belinfante



Jeff Arban

Stephanie Gibbons

Darryl Love


Managing Director

Rich Desimone


JAG also approved a new membership category allowing non-profit organizations to join the organization as well.  The board had studied the possibility of bringing in religious organizations that create a lot of video content who are exploring ways to distribute that content and also explore ways to create that content as well.  This gives these non-profit organizations an incentive to take advantage of JAG membership and our annual conference as well.  These organizations go beyond recording church services and are creating content that the communities in which they  serve would be interested in as well.  Our membership committee is currently reaching out to these potential members.


JAG is also creating special incentives to bring in additional individual members.  There are a lot of great content producers in the community and we are looking for ways to get them noticed, have their content available to our member stations and allow them to compete for recognition in the JAG Awards.  I encourage you to reach out to any producers you know and let them see for themselves that now is a great time to join JAG and take advantage of the special offers we have for them in content sharing, JAG Awards and Conference Attendance.


Our board also explored ways to bring in more resources for our members as well.  Currently most or our monthly meetings (the last Wednesday of the Month – see schedule in newsletter as well) will include vendor presentations to keep us updated on some of the latest gear, technology and operations techniques.  JAG will also be hosting several online webinars for certain topics of interest and importance to our members.  The executive board is currently working on bringing our first webinar to the organization in late February/early March.  Look for upcoming information on this event in emails blasts.  This event will be FREE to JAG members and our first one is a potential money saver/income recovery session for our member stations and the municipalities they serve.


Lastly, the JAG Executive Board and Committees are working hard on bringing new life into some of our ongoing annual events, such as the JAG Awards and Conference.  These committees are committed to breathing new life into these events, as they are a staple of our organization.  The JAG Awards committee has narrowed down the categories, created a way for all JAG members to get their first entry for free and planned an awards banquet during the annual conference.  Please look to this newsletter for more information and the JAG website as well for rules and registration link.  Good Luck to all those who enter.  The conference committee has already been working for months to create what looks to be one of our best conferences.  We are back again at the Hyatt in New Brunswick.  Plans are already under way to create great sessions of importance to our members, find ways to make the most out of these sessions, and to provide a unique opportunity to network with other members.  The tradeshow floor will be filled with vendors who understand how we operate and the nature of our budget constraints.  In addition, the conference will be offering a special affinity lunch with a wide variety of topics of interest to inspire free flowing conversation, a keynote lunch with guests who are there to entertain and inform, and our banquet and JAG Awards Dinner.  Mark your calendar for this year’s event on May 21 & 22nd.  You can also visit the conference website at  The site is currently being updated, and updates will continue as more and more conference details are released.


Bob Duthaler

President, Jersey Access Group

Member, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (EMMYS)