President’s Message

President’s Message

Finish Strong

The end of the year is in sight. Less than three months to go and we will be done with 2020. I am sure I am not alone in saying “I can’t wait for 2020 to end”. But until that time, we still have a lot of things to do in 2020. Even through this pandemic and an anything but normal way of living, things continued to move forward. The question is did you? Did you move forward or did you stand still?

I am happy to say that JAG and the board continues to move forward. We understand, perhaps now more than ever, the importance of keeping the organization moving forward, staying on top of concerns that face our members and growing the organization. I can’t stress enough both my and the boards’ commitment to this organization.

In this newsletter you will learn of a new Ad-Hoc Committee that is chaired by your Vice- President Dave Garb. He will let you know about a new Leadership Development Committee, its role within our organization, how it interfaces with other committees and more. I urge you to read his article and look for continued updates from this committee. The Leadership Development Committee will be a driving force to help grow and move this organization forward by providing the necessary tools for the board, committees and the organization.

As I mentioned last month, the Membership Committee will be reaching out to our members to let them know all the things the organization is doing for our members, ask what you need from your membership and to make our members aware of everything that JAG has to offer. It has come to both the boards and membership committee’s attention that not all ourmembers might be aware of everything that our organization has to provide for its members. Please take the time to answer their questions, reach out to them with your questions and explore all this organization has to offer its members.

The External Relations Committee continue to bring in exciting vendors and presentations to our monthly meetings and this month is no exception. Please join us at our next General Membership Meeting on October 28th at which Cablecast will do a special presentation to our membership. Please look in this newsletter for an article crafted for our membership by Cablecast to inform you of their latest offerings. Again I feel it’s important to point out that the External Relations Committee continues to do extensive work on the JAG website: along with posting on our social media accounts on a regular basis. I ask you to follow and like JAG on our social media platforms and to sharing our post as well. Links for all our social media accounts can also be found on our website and on this page. Please answer the call from this committee as they try to gather information from our members to post in our password protected section!

The JAG Awards Committee understands the importance to bring to light all the great videos and work our member stations create each year. They also understand that not all stations, independent producers or volunteers operate at the same level. The committee will be exploring different categories and levels to try and make a level playing field for all who enter. Start going through the videos you have created and prepare them to enter the NEW JAG Awards!

The Production Committee currently has a survey to all members about contributing to Access New Jersey. The committee is working on the idea of bringing back this popular show from the past. This show highlights special events, people or happenings in your community that might be of interest to a wider audience. By sharing these segments with JAG, the committee is able to create a magazine format show in which several segments from our members are concentrated in one thirty-minute show. I urge you to participate in the survey, think of ways you can contribute to this program and when the time comes, we ask that all member station air the show as well.

Currently I am in the process of reforming the Conference Committee and exploring ways to get more members involved and bring the best possible outcome during this pandemic. Part of this process includes the idea of holding a Virtual Conference. To that end, I urge all members, their staff, volunteers (and anyone who reads this) to answer the following questions:

  1. Should JAG Hold a virtual conference in the spring?
  2. Would you attend a virtual conference?
  3. Would you pay to attend a virtual conference if the rate was reasonable?
  4. What is the ideal number of days the conference should take place in?

Finally, as I mentioned each month in my article, JAG as an organization is a very social group. Face to face interaction at this point continues to not be possible but there are work arounds. I encourage you to take part in these events, webinars, monthly virtual meetings, impromptu online gatherings and perhaps an online happy hour! Stay Home, Stay Safe and make the most of this time with your family and loved ones.

Bob Duthaler
President, Jersey Access Group