President’s Message

President’s Message

JAG Board Says “Retreat”

Unlike Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow, during the months of August and
September the JAG Board of Trustees and Executive Board Members meet ina different version of a retreat. The board met virtually for several hours each Wednesday over a four week span to review the organizations By-Laws and Policies & Procedures to help steer the course for the future of the Jersey Access Group.

In the past, the annual board retreat took place over a two day, with in person meetings. But as we are all aware that 2020 is certainly like no other year. For the safety of all our board members and their families, we held this year’s retreat virtually. I am happy to report to our members the tremendous success of this retreat. I am thrilled to tell you that your board takes this retreat seriously, looks to shape the future of this organization and brought valuable ideas to the table.

The boards’ commitment to this organization cannot be understated. Each year the board prepares for this event by going through various documents ahead of time, including our Polices & Procedures, By-laws and Committee Action Plains, making their notes and presenting them to the rest of the board. From there lively conversations begin, reshaping documents, ideas to expand membership and the benefits for being part of JAG.

In the upcoming months you will hear more about what the board worked on during this retreat. Your Vice-President Dave Garb will let you know about a new Leadership Development Ad-Hoc Committee which he will chair. The Membership Committee will be reaching out to our members to let them know all the things the organization is doing and has available for them. The External Relations Committee will be working on bringing in exciting vendors to do presentations to our monthly meetings. In addition, that committee has been doing extensive work on the JAG website: along with posting on our social media accounts on a regular basis. I ask you to follow and like JAG on our social media platforms, in addition to sharing and liking our posts. Links for all our social media accounts can also be found on our website.

Other committees such as the JAG Awards Committee and Conference Committee are exploring ways to get more members involved and to bring the best possible outcome for these events during this pandemic. If you are interested in being part in either of these or any other committees, please reach out to me and I will get you hooked up with the appropriate committee chair. The success of these two committees relies heavily on membership involvement with their events. If you have any suggestions or comments, please reach out to me as well. I always look forward to hearing from our members for suggestions and advice. I would also like to direct you to my article in last month’s newsletter that contained a survey that is still open and I would love to hear back from more members.

Finally, as I mentioned each month in my article, JAG as an organization is a very social group. Face to face interaction at this point continues not to be possible but there are work arounds. I encourage you to take part in these events: webinars, monthly virtual meetings, impromptu online gatherings and perhaps an online happy hour! Stay Home, Stay Safe and make the most of this time with your family and loved ones.

Bob Duthaler
President, Jersey Access Group