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    2020 Ends and 2021 Begins …. What Changes? Everyone was waiting for the clock to strike midnight and 2020 to come to an end. This past year was full of turmoil, uncertainty, insecurity, grief and sorrow. We saw… Read More

A Message on the Importance of JAG at this time from Brandon Dittman–Attorney

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Broadcasting in a Virtual World

By Jesse Lerman, President and CEO, TelVue Corporation Between advancements in technology and the pandemic, the progression to an increasingly virtual world is accelerating. Almost everything is veering virtual – work, school, meetings, events, conferences, major motion picture… Read More

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Asbury Park TV (APTV) Takes on the Coronavirus

By Ed Salvas, Secretary, Asbury Park Cable TV Advisory Committee January 2020 marked the beginning of the eighth year on the air for the Asbury Park Cable TV station, better known around the shore community as APTV. But… Read More

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