Mark Albala


Mark Albala, a photography and videography hobbyist, has been involved in the disciplines of the visual and written arts for over twenty years.  Mark is semi-retired from his career in various management roles in the technology consulting arena, most recently leading the business consulting services in North America and the global data on demand service lines for Cognizant.

Mark continues to serve in board level roles in two startups, Beyond-AI, a product organization releasing Ai generated bibliography research tools to the marketplace and Singularity Media, a company focused on releasing loyalty apps to musicians by engaging musicians directly, their labels and their talent agencies.   Mark also serves as President of InfoSight Partners, a technology and financial consultancy.

Mark is also an active author, who has penned various articles, professional publications (“Thriving with information in the Digital Economy” and co-authored “InfoNomics with Gartner) and fictional writings available on Amazon (“The Cookies of Misfortune”, “Dimension Wars”, “Aunt Hattie’s Guide to Travel”, “The Watch”).

Mark serves as the vice chairman of Oakland TV, the permanent TV broadcasting committee of the Oakland Communications Commission, the chairman of the Oakland Bulletin Board,  a permanent committee of the Oakland Communications Commission and a commissioner of the Oakland Communications Commission.

Mark’s latest endeavor is publishing a website and companion mobile app, “Unleash your Creatvity”,  which will focus on reviewing tools and techniques that assist people to broaden their creative potentials.  The first release of the website, totally constructed using Ai tools, will focus on tools that unleash video without breaking the bank (DJI Pocket 3, Capcut Professional video studio, etc.) and will provide review of high-end computers capable of editing and publishing said creative venues.  Mark will continue to focus on keeping this creative outlet interesting.

Other interests of Mark include gourmet cooking and competition grade smoker cooking, travel, writing, cabinetry and an avid geek continually dabbling with the bleeding edge of technology.

Mark is a long-time resident of Oakland, New Jersey.