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Yervant Keshishian – Varto Technologies

There are two ways to join JAG.

  1. You may apply by mail by sending a check or purchase order along with a completed Membership Application to the address provided on the application.
  2. You can complete the online Membership Application below if you are using a credit card or have a Paypal account.

For Further Questions Email:

JAG was founded on March 28, 2000, and is governed by its own bylaws. JAG is a 501C3 corporation. JAG has developed a Mission Statement and a Set of Goals. JAG meets on the last Wednesday of each month. All members are responsible to submit Franchise Agreements/Ordinances, Station Policies & Procedures, related forms and amendments.

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    Membership Type: Member (Municipal/Public Access/Internal Networks) $300.00, Associate Member (Schools/Colleges/Universities), Organizational (Vendor/Manufacturer/Integrator) $550.00, Independent Producers $125.00, Non-Profit Organizations $225.00

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