JAG’s Annual Conference Is Here – May 2024

by Geoffrey Belinfante, Conference Committee, Vice Chair

As the opening to the old soap opera declares: Like sand in an hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Well, those sands will soon run out, so if you haven’t signed up for the 2024 JAG Conference yet, you are rapidly running out of time. The conference is set to kick off at 8:00am on Thursday May 16 at the Crowne Plaza in Edison. And, if you’re not there, you’ll miss some exciting and informative sessions—not to mention a chance to socialize and network with both your fellow JAG Members and the teams from our Organizational Members.

President’s Message: May 2024 All Your Membership Benefits, In One Day!!

by Bob Duthaler

There are many reasons to be a Jersey Access Group member. You can interact with members who do the same job as you, access special group pricing from JAG organizational members, participate in face-to-face networking and educational and interactive sessions. While these are available to JAG members all year, what if you could access all that in just one day? Wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Well, you can at the JAG Conference on Thursday May 16 and you still have time to register.

JAG’s Annual Conference Taking Shape – April 2024

by Geoffrey Belinfante, Conference Committee, Vice Chair

The clock is ticking, time is of the essence, you’re running out of time, you need to act now, we’re almost down to the wire, the deadline is looming (thanks to AI for the list)—but no matter which cliché you to choose, our 2024 JAG Conference is just a little over a month away so you should think about registering now at www.jagconference.com or go to the JAG website and click on the conference tab. What will happen if you don’t register? You’ll miss out on informative workshops, a chance to catch up on new technology, and an opportunity to network with your colleagues. The conference is at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ n May 16, but no need to write it down now, you can be sure I’ll remind you again at the end of the article. I just thought I would mention it now, just in case you don’t make it to the end.

Legislative Update April 2024: News from Trenton & Washington, DC

by Dave Garb, Legislative Committee Chair

On Thursday May 16, JAG ( Jersey Access Group) will be hosting our yearly conference (jagconference.com) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Edison, New Jersey. This event brings together many facets of the community media world, including access television stations, municipal and elected officials, advocates/supporters of community media and telecommunication issues and services.

The Debate is Over, and the Result is……… What PEG Stations Have Been Waiting For

By Paul A. Distefano, NE Regional Sales Manager, DeSisti Lighting

Paul A. Distefano

I joined DeSisti in 2019, and before I made my first sales call for them, there had been an ongoing debate. DeSisti has always been a premium product, preferred by broadcasters, and is used in broadcast studios from small markets to networks. With our patented optics, we generally outperform our competitors with superior white CCTs (Correlated Color Temperature), very high CRIs (Color Rendering Index), and higher output at lower wattages, across our entire product line. Of course, that high standard of quality comes with a commensurate price. Thus, the debate.

President’s Message: April 2024 Station Check List – JAG Can Help Grow Your Station

by Bob Duthaler

Each year the Jersey Access Group holds its annual conference for not only its members, their staff and volunteer crews, but others outside the organization who are interested in local access television. Just because it’s an annual event, does not mean it is the same old event. In fact, quite to the contrary. The conference committee has worked hard on this year’s event to include new sessions, bring in outside professionals from our industry and work with vendors on presenting the latest equipment, technology and more.

How to Work With Your TV Committee

by Geoffrey Belinfante, External Relations Committee, Chair

This month, on Thursday March 21, JAG is scheduled to have a Managers Roundtable on how to work with cable TV committees/commissions. Here in West Milford we don’t have a TV committee per se, all of the folks who are involved in the running of WM77 are considered commissioners and serve on what we call the TV commission. While most of us run the day-to-day operation of the station, the most important commissioners are the two liaisons from the council that represent our interests.  And represent us –with enthusiasm and insights about what the mayor and council are thinking.

JAG’s Annual Conference Taking Shape – 2024

by Geoffrey Belinfante, Conference Committee, Vice Chair

Just like a fine red wine that gets better as it breaths, JAG’s conference gets better and better as the plans mature.  Okay, okay, perhaps the analogy is a bit over the top, but indulge me. Your conference committee has been working diligently to assemble a series of workshops that will make this year’s conference special—no matter what your interests. The wine has been breathing since the last article. Sessions are in three categories. Here’s a preview: