Social Media Stats – March 2022

by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Committee

The Newsletter Survey results are in!  Keep your eyes open for changes coming soon.  We are very excited about these changes and look forward to using the new and improved newsletter to help market JAG better. 

Social Media Stats – February 2022

by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Committee

Let me officially announce the start of the Social Media subcommittee. This is great news as I take a larger role in JAG, now I will have assistance in running our social media accounts. This will only make our social media campaign stronger and extend our reach. This will also give us a chance to post more information on our accounts and maybe add more places where you can find information about JAG and the Eastern Video Expo.
If you have an interest in joining the Social Media subcommittee but do not believe you have the time for the commitment, just know that a) you don’t have to join a formal committee to be a part of the subcommittee and b) subcommittees are very informal and won’t require a lot of time. You can contact me at if you are interested in joining the subcommittee.

Social Media Stats – January 2022

by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Committee

Now is your chance to let us know what you think of our newsletter. You can use the link here or the link that you will receive via e-mail to fill out a quick survey. Please take the time to fill this out, it can really help out JAG. We want to make our newsletter the best resource it can be for our membership and your feedback will help make it the best it can be. Survey will close February 28.
I also wanted to remind everyone to send submissions for the JAG YouTube channel. Right now only a few stations are being featured on the channel. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to get more exposure for your videos. There are links below to check out our channel as well as my e-mail for submissions. I hope to see our YouTube channel gain some more momentum this year and you all can help by keeping a constant update in our featured videos. Thanks in advance to all our members.

Social Media Stats – December 2021

by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Committee

As we get into the holiday season social media traffic seems to go down.  Part of this is most likely due to people using their online time to shop instead of socializing.  I tend to see a lot of people take a break from social media during the end of the year too.  Always a good thing to keep in mind when planning out your social media strategy — don’t count on the social media boost around the holidays.

In other JAG news, a quick reminder to check out the website.  There are two new videos on the website for all to see (they are also featured on our YouTube page) concerning broadband and over the top delivery for your content.  These videos are not just in our members only section because they can help you sell the need for better broadband and over the top delivery to your town.  Share these videos with anyone that could benefit from them.

Social Media Stats: November 2021

by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Committee

If you didn’t hear the big announcement, Eastern Video Expo will be back May of next year!  And even bigger news, our trade show will be in person!  This means there will be announcements from now until May with new vendors joining the expo.  Do you know the best place to find out who will be there in person with new products to show off?  That’s right, on our social media!  Be sure to follow the links below to find out who will be there and all other important information on the upcoming expo.

Also after the success of our virtual conference our workshops will all be virtual this next conference.  Now is the time to chime in and let us know if there is something you want to see next year.  All that attended last’s years conference can still watch the recorded sessions on but these videos will go away to make room for the 2022 expo, so be sure to login and watch before they are gone.

Social Media Stats: September 2021 Based on Last 30 Days

by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Committee

3..2..1..Launch. The brand new is live!  You should notice some changes right away when you visit the website.  If you were familiar with the site before you should have no trouble finding what you need, the main navigation has stayed the same.  A huge difference is that things are a bit more organized.  Since the site has been around for a while we had a good amount of information and now it is just archived so it looks cleaner.  We also were able to add some plug ins that make the site look more modern, notice the difference in the old and new directions pages.

Social Media Stats – August, 2021

 by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Committee

Doug Seidel

I have been busy updating our website, this is going to be a big improvement.  I won’t spoil all of the surprises but you will notice the change when you see it.  This update will fix some issues like the slideshow on the homepage, and improve the formatting of things like the logos for our organizational members.  Things will fit better on the pages and links to other pages will be easier to find.  I am pretty excited about this update (especially because it will make my life easier to update the site) and hope to share the site with you all sometime in September!  In the meantime if there is anything you want to see improved on the website, or if you have updated information about your content on the website (i.e. station address, contact e-mail) send that information to so we can make this site even better. 

Announcing the JAG YouTube Channel

In our continuing effort to enhance the Social Media profile of JAG, through the efforts of the Production and External Relations committees, we are proud to announce the launch of the JAG YouTube Channel. You can find the new channel at We are asking all our members to subscribe so you will receive notices …