Social Media Stats – December 2021

by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Committee

As we get into the holiday season social media traffic seems to go down.  Part of this is most likely due to people using their online time to shop instead of socializing.  I tend to see a lot of people take a break from social media during the end of the year too.  Always a good thing to keep in mind when planning out your social media strategy — don’t count on the social media boost around the holidays.

In other JAG news, a quick reminder to check out the website.  There are two new videos on the website for all to see (they are also featured on our YouTube page) concerning broadband and over the top delivery for your content.  These videos are not just in our members only section because they can help you sell the need for better broadband and over the top delivery to your town.  Share these videos with anyone that could benefit from them.

Jersey Access Group


Do not forget to check out our YouTube channel.  Have something you want on our YouTube channel?  Send a link to  for review. 

New Content on YouTube:   Broadband Panel at NJLOM – JAG  Holiday Extravaganza – Woodbridge 

Over the Top Panel at NJLOM – JAG

NEW CONTENT ON WEBSITE- We have now posted 24 programs from the Eastern Video Expo events to the members only section of our website.  To view the video content links below, you need a members only password.  for the password.

JAG has recorded our two sessions at the NJ League of Municipalities and added them to the Members Only session of our website.

Broadband Deployment in the National Infrastructure Bill. A JAG Joint Session with the NJ League.


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