Spotlight Woodbridge: Building and Managing a Municipal Access Cable Station

By Lee Beckerman, Station Manager, Woodbridge Channels

In the mid-1980s, Woodbridge Township was contemplating starting a cable TV channel of its own.  They had secured a channel on Suburban, set up a governing board and had purchased a random assortment of equipment.  And then…nothing happened.  At some point they decided it was time to bring on a person to manage the station and move the project forward.  I was fresh out of college with a degree in video production.  Doing freelance and having a hard time finding fulltime work in my field, I jumped at the opportunity.  It was not my dream job, but I thought it might be an adequate place holder to build my resume, and, lacking other options, I took it.  I was eventually shown to a packed projection room/closet, told it was my new office and to have at it.  No further instructions were forthcoming.  No one had apparently thought past the idea of having a TV station and considered what to do with it.  I rightly deduced that the first part of starting a community television station involved getting all the crap out of your new office and finding a desk.

One major advantage was that no one (including me) knew what a municipal cable station was supposed to be.  There was a vague feeling that it might be a good addition to a forward-thinking town and should probably include some programs.  The rest was up to me.  I was trained in video production but I did not know any more than they did about what a municipal TV station should be.  I set out to find the answer.  What follows are some insights gained along the way.


You can’t do everything by yourself.  With no knowledge of what to do with my channel, I reached out to the two thriving community stations in the area, Piscataway’s PCTC and East Brunswick’s EBTV.  Debbe Gist and Cindy O’Connor helped immensely in getting the station up and running and gave me ideas I could build on.  They also connected me with the Alliance for Community Media.  The Township allowed me to attend their conference in Tampa, Florida.  All this gave me a starting point. 

It was Debbe who first brought the idea of creating JAG to all of us, probably because she was one of the people all the other stations turned to for ideas.  Cindy became our first President and so began one of the most valuable resources for running a local access television station.  Woodbridge Television could not have come as far without JAG’s support.


Access cable audiences are small.  If we’re lucky, we get a few hundred to a few thousand viewers for a big event and often less than that.  But the numbers are cumulative.  The people who are watching the council meeting are not the same people watching your local sports; who are not the same people watching your concert coverage and your parades and business openings and school recitals etc…  When added up, you can reach a large, diverse section of your population.  For our mayor, announcing local sports is a passion, but for hundreds of kids in our town, and their parents, they know the name of the mayor because he is the local sports announcer.

As a side note, it is the talent that usually gets the direct feedback.  The politicians and show hosts certainly knew before we did that we were building an audience.  When we started, without access to metrics, this turned out to be a very important point.

Different platforms

In the beginning we had a cable TV channel, and all was good with the world.  We put our programs out there and over time, word started leaking out to the powers-that-be that people were watching.  (Hey, I saw you on the channel last night and you’re nuts).  There were no metrics or any way to measure or define an audience.  In came Princeton Server Group (now TelVue) whose file-based server systems completely revolutionized how we worked.  Their streaming video service offered us a video-on-demand platform that let us push our shows out in a different way.  (An interesting side note.  JAG got involved with the Princeton Server group because Steve George’s son played soccer with my son in middle school and we got to talking on the sideline, which led to a tour and a meeting with the president, Jesse Lerman.)

After a while we began to use their metrics, and for the first time, to see the numbers.  We next added YouTube and because of the popularity of the platform, once people realized we were there, they started looking for us instead of us seeking them out.

I’m at the tail end of the boomer generation.  I’m not going to be the guy to lead the charge on alternate social media platforms.  But I know a good thing when I see one.  The town had started using Facebook to shout out to residents, so we set up our own page to push out our content.  Younger staff began sending out tweets and doing Instagram posts as we set up and shot programs to tease the content.  We also started getting conversations going on social media during events like games and concerts, including announcers interacting with fans in real time, creating buzz.


Community Television is about…community.  Getting to know your community and establishing relationships gains you access.  Early on I created a relationship with our local arts center.  We began by covering a few of their concerts, but as they came to know and trust us as professionals, that blossomed into several joint grants for documentaries which won many awards and ended up, along with several of our concerts, being featured on Metro-Arts in NYC to audiences of millions.  That gets the name of your town out there!

When I first tried covering high school sports it was a bit of a disaster.  What I failed to do was get buy-in from the athletic directors and the school administrations.  (We have three high schools).  It took a long time to build that trust, but it was essential to successfully covering local sports.

Relationships with municipal departments and local non-profits are also important.  We’ve put out content for our police department, libraries, youth theater, historical society, and senior services to name a few.  But having strong ties with public works and parks and rec is equally critical.  I had a day where we were shooting our exercise show in a park.  I scouted a perfect location with the Outerbridge Crossing in the background.  On shoot day we arrived to set up and someone had parked a giant dumpster in the middle of my shot!  However, because I had built relationships within the town, I had phone numbers of people who knew who I was and I had a truck pull out the dumpster within a half an hour.


Programming quality is essential.  If an audience can’t see and hear a program, you have wasted your, and your viewers’ time.  Among the first complex programs I started doing were art center concerts.  I insisted that they hire a professional audio engineer.  I knew I could deliver the video but if the sound wasn’t great, what was the point?  Eventually they added an audio engineer to all their concert grants.  Video quality is likewise important.  Your audience may not know how to create great programming, but they have watched a lot of it, and they understand what it’s supposed to look like.  They might forgive quality issues for something they are crazy into, but unless you have a marketing genius on board you cannot build an audience that way.

The look of your shows matter.  We try to get very creative with sets and looks on a very limited budget.  I designed my own sets, and we were able to find someone in the Parks Department who could build them.  With my set design I strove to create sets that shared production elements, maximizing utility and minimizing space constraints.  When we were doing Seniorsize, I looked at the township roller rink and realized they already had a great lighting system and I just had to add key lights to make a dynamic show with less set-up time.  We also did a season at the Woodbridge Mall (another great partnership) that gave us a cool and dynamic background with minimal additional effort (at least as far as the look was concerned.)

Recently, we are doing more things with green screen.  This offers huge flexibility and is great for many applications.  The sets, however, especially for multicamera shoots, do have a very digital look especially at our price point.  I’m sure there will be new innovations going forward.


You need to hire good people!  OK, obvious.  Finding good people is hard with our budget limitations, especially in a tight labor market.  But people choose jobs for different reasons.  I did not intend to stay in my job for more than a few years, but I found I liked the relative freedom, the ability to be creative and I liked building something.  In addition to our regular fare of sports and concerts we have made narrative films, documentaries, short comedies with special effects and big location shoots.  My staff gets some leeway to create and produce shows on their own for the station.  Turned out it was a good gig.  I think these are good selling points.  I should mention that two out of three of my most recent hires came from JAG stations/ recommendations.  When I look at new people, I always hire them as freelancers first so I can get a sense of their work ethic and how they gel with the crew.

Getting creative with staff is also essential to any small operation.  Many of the events we cover are at night or on weekends so in order to have staff available we have two members who work 4 days on/4 days off from late morning into the evening.  The days are 10-hours so they are available to cover evenings and weekends.  We take advantage of interns to help cover larger events and, of course, freelancers for the biggest productions.  This is something we had to build up to and we started with volunteers like everyone.

Bosses and Politicians

I had some early run-ins with bosses and politicians.  Much of this had to do with my misunderstanding of our relationship.  When I was working from the model of public access, I would often fight battles about public access issues.  The truth, however, is I work for them in the municipal access model.  There are exceptions. 

Open meetings rules mean I never edit any public meetings and I have never been asked to or have we in 35 years.  We do not allow talk about elections or candidates during election season (outside of debate coverage), and do not endorse any candidates, at any time, on the channel.  That aside, the channel has a mandate to be the video face of our town and government, including its leaders, along with highlighting our events civic organizations, nonprofits, schools, citizens and everything our township has to offer.


As a municipal department I started to notice different departments have different reputations.  This stood out for me when the deputy police chief kept bringing guests by to see the station.  I asked him why this was and he said, “I love coming in here because everyone’s always working, all the time.”  I liked that.  I try to make it a point for people to understand we take the work seriously and are willing to work hard to make it as good as we can.  They don’t always understand what we’re doing but if they show up at an event and see our cameras everywhere and everyone humming like a well-oiled machine, it makes an impression.  We also do not stand on our laurels but always try to innovate in small ways and push things forward.  I find it is easier to ask for things if people believe you are working hard and believe you will put what you ask for to good use.  The motto I’ve adopted is to under promise and over deliver.


It is essential that you keep current with equipment to the best extent possible.  Early on I communicated to my town that I was not trying to build CBS -that the equipment I was buying was appropriate for the application.  But I also tried to get the best quality equipment that met our needs.  I got push back when we became an early AVID adopter, or when we decided we needed to build a mobile production unit, but I was able to give them detailed and expansive reasons why I wanted them and what I was planning to do with them and how they would benefit the town.  When they got tired of listening, they let me have what I need if I would just go away.  Well not really.  I had some protracted arguments about some of this, but I did have my facts.  As I stated before, your audience watches video, they know what to expect and if you are not delivering it, they have another reason to turn away.  This was obviously why we fought so hard for an HD channel.  When the show looks bad, they assume it’s you and you have given them an excuse not to watch.

Cross Pollination

It’s important to have the people you partner with on shows, guests, talent, performers etc, help push out the content on their own social media accounts.  This is something I wish we did more in my time and something I think the new staff will be thinking about.  If you do a show with a local organization or business, make sure they get a link and put it on their website, which leads back to your social media which brings in people who may not have been aware of you.  We also share our shows and posts to the mayor’s social media which has a much larger footprint than ours.

Local TV

Easy to forget sometimes but we should be the voice of our town.  I always felt it was my mandate to emphasize the Township of Woodbridge as much as possible.  We take in very few outside shows, mostly things from Middlesex County government and a few other exceptions, but I always try to keep a Woodbridge twist on everything.  With the demise of our bulletin board Channel (We had to give it back in exchange for our HD channel) we started to make all the bulletin board notices into PSAs with voice-overs and motion and graphics to replace the old Ad Council PSA’s.  Once again, if you turn on Woodbridge TV you should instantly get a dose of Woodbridge, which is what I consider the essence of Municipal Access Television.

In Conclusion

I got lucky in many ways.  First, Woodbridge is a large community with a population of over 100,000.  I had a few years in the beginning with little scrutiny, in which to build a foundation.  When Mayor Joseph DeMarino went on trial for corruption (he was acquitted) we were able to provide the first gavel-to-gavel coverage of a trial in New Jersey.  The whole township tuned in, with watch parties at many bars.  This raised public awareness of the station and government officials became aware of the potential of the medium.  

When new officials were elected, we were already a going concern and the new Mayor, Jim McGreevey, was anxious to use and build on it.  The station continued to grow under Mayor Pelzman.  But Woodbridge Township Television really blossomed under Mayor McCormac and this current administration who have supported and encouraged us in so many ways.  My staff, new station manager Gina Forbes, assistant manager, Joe Fernandes, Emil Brandafi, Samantha Roth, Erin Zirpolo, new producer Valentino Lamotta and Bruno Martins from the Woodbridge Township School District as well as my longtime boss, John Hagerty, have all helped build and support the station.  All the great people at JAG including Bob Duthaler and Rich Desimone have had a great impact.  I understand my experience may not be your experience and we all have different models and mandates.  What we have at The Woodbridge Channels was built very slowly over a long period of time, starting with one person in a basement closet thinking big.

The Conference is Waiting for You

By Don Smith, Vice Chair, Conference Committee

We are only 2 weeks away from the JAG Conference!  The conference committee has been working hard to bring an informative, networking, and fun conference to the members and supporters of JAG.  Tell all your members to mark down May 18th  and we will see you there.  For details and to register visit our website

Conference Schedule

  • 8:00 am – 8:50 am- TelVue User Group Breakfast – Ultra-affordable All-in-One Playout, Integrated Streaming, Editing, and CBB, Live Caption Translation, New Viewer Analytics, and more!
  • 9:00 am – 11:30 pm-  Exhibitors Meet and Greet Visit the Exhibitors supporting JAG

TelVue/ Varto Technologies/ Cologna Productions/ DeSisti Lighting/ de Wolfe Music/ NewTek/ LiveU

MyCaseBuilder, NJ Film Commission, US Broadcast Distribution

  • 9:00 am – 9:50 am- Varto User Group Breakfast – TriCaster & NDI User Group: NAB Highlights & Interactive Forum
  • 10:00 am – 11:15 am-Workshop: News from Capitol Hill and Around the Country, and What It Means to New Jersey PEG Stations
  • 11:30 am – 1:20 pm- Keynote Lunch Sponsored by Planet Networks

Presentation: Community Recognition Award

The Jersey Access Group is pleased to present the West Milford Town Council, and in particular Mayor Michele Dale and Council liaisons Ada Erik and Marilyn Lichtenberg for their continued support of their municipal channel WM77. 

Presentation: Vendor Appreciation Award– Launch- JAG Streaming Channel: Rushworks streaming equipment and TelVue streaming service.

The Jersey Access Group recognizes the support of Rushworks for their donation of the Streamster a hardware/software combination for managing and streaming JAG’s own Internet TV channel.

The Jersey Access Group recognizes the support of TelVue in providing the streaming service that makes it possible for the JAG Internet TV channel to be seen on a number of different social media platforms.

Discussion: Where’s The Money? — From Washington to Trenton, Accessing Broadband Money from the American Infrastructure Bill  Over a year ago the federal government approved 65 billion dollars to improve broadband deployment. That money flows from the Federal Government to the states for distribution.  Where are we now? How can municipalities have access to funds?  What are broadband and cable companies doing to help deployment of broadband?  Our panel will talk about this and other issues, plus answer your questions.  Panelists: Robert Boyle, CEO Planet Networks, Marilyn Davis, Senior Director of Government Affairs, Altice, Mike Wassenaar, President & CEO, Alliance for Community Media and Mike Lynch, Legislative Director, National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors, (NATOA)

  • 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm- Workshop: Is A PEG Cable Channel All You Need?
  • 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm- Workshop: Innovative Technology Tools – Revolutionizing the Broadcast Industry– Sponsored by Varto Technologies
  • 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm- Workshop: DAMN…… I need a little SOMETHING. How to light properly when you have almost NOTHING! Sponsored by DeSisti
  • 4:30 pm – 5:15 pm- Workshop: Using Video to Enhance your Municipality’s Social Media Presence – Sponsored by TelVue
  • 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm- Cocktail Social with Exhibitors– Sponsored by DeSisti

Closing event with networking opportunities and providing time to thank the vendors that have supported the conference.

  • 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm- JAG Banquet –  sponsored by Varto Technologies

A celebration of all that JAG has accomplished to advocate, promote, and preserve the right to media production, distribution, civic engagement, and education in support of diverse community voices, through Public, Educational and Government access facilities and other forms of media.

JAG Recognition Awards: Lee Beckerman is one of the founding members of JAG from its first meeting to serving on the executive board for over 18 years.  Lee was involved with the writing of JAG’s first mission statement, goals and policies and procedures. Lee served as the 2nd president of JAG and has been on the production committee from the beginning.  Lee has dedicated thousands of hours in the last 30+ years, serving to the betterment of this organization and the PEG TV industry. Lee is the Station Manager of the Woodbridge Channels that is one of the first municipal stations in New Jersey.

Entertainment: Entertainment sponsored by Cologna Productions

Simon Mandel returns to JAG’s Banquet. Simon Mandal is one of the most in demand illusionists in the world today. Simon combines incredible feats of skill with hilarious interactive routines that bring the house down, and make the volunteers he brings on stage look like and feel like stars.

JAG Awards: The JAG Awards are annual awards, facilitated by the Jersey Access Group, that honor excellence in local & regional Public Education Government (PEG) programming. Categories cover a variety of programming including, among others, community events, documentaries, talk shows, sports, and entertainment. The Jersey Access Group is very proud of the programming all PEG Stations produce and is honored to host the JAG Awards each year.President’s Ovation Awards: Bob Duthaler, the President of The Jersey Access Group will present the President’s Ovation Award to a member and/or board member of JAG in acknowledgement of their unrelenting commitment to the members of the Jersey Access Group, and the operation of public, education, and government communication facilities.

Increasing Broadband Service in Your Community

by Dave Garb, Legislative Committee Chair

Warning, it is all around you! There is nowhere to hide from it!  And it is on its way to the 2023 JAG Conference.

It’s the B-word!              BROADBAND!!!  

Yes, It Is Everywhere, Be Prepared! or Be Left Out!

In 2021, the federal government passed the American Infrastructure Act which approved billions of dollars to improve broadband deployment throughout the country.  That money will flow from the Federal Government and be distributed by each state in a major goal to build-out broadband everywhere, including in the rural areas.

On May 18th, during the JAG Conference Keynote Luncheon, we explore the ways all municipalities can access the money, and what to do with it once it arrives at the local level.  Our panel of experts, Robert Boyle, CEO Planet Networks; , Marilyn Davis, Senior Director of Government Affairs, Altice Mike Wassenaar, President of the ACM; and Mike Lynch, Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Director for NATOA, the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors, will guide you on a successful path to help you acquire a piece of this funding for your community.

For any of you who are thinking about what chance your municipality has at obtaining some of this funding, your chances are pretty good.  Congress has made broadband a major priority and wants everybody in the US to have it.  To make this agenda come to fruition, the House’s Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology held a hearing this past April 19th, entitled “Breaking Barriers: Streamlining Permitting to Expedite Broadband Deployment.” 

According to the Committee’s Majority Staff Memo,  the hearing took up more than 30 additional bills aimed at what are described as the ‘Federal Barriers’, ’State and Local Government Obstacles’, as well as, ‘Pole Attachments (Access to Poles)’ to help streamline these regulations.  This is essential in order to encourage and expedite the broadband infrastructure deployment throughout the United States.

A set of questions was posed for these hearings included:

  • Is attaching telecommunications equipment on municipally or cooperatively owned poles more difficult or expensive than on other poles?
  • What challenges exist at the federal, state, and local levels that delay or burden broadband deployment?
  • How can Congress help expedite or streamline the process for broadband  deployment?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce even wrote an article highlighting what Congress must do to take action in order to accelerate the process for ensuring all Americas have access to the latest innovations in connectivity.

These 4 Actions are:

  • Permitting Reform: To ensure our infrastructure, especially broadband, is ahead of the ever-evolving technological landscape.
  • Interagency Coordination: The Government Accountability Office noted that 15 federal agencies collectively administer over 100 programs to expand access to broadband. Congress should focus on effectively implementing existing federal broadband programs and ensuring taxpayer dollars are utilized wisely.
  • Affordable Connectivity Program Funding: The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act established the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to provide a monthly benefit to low-income Americans. However, the IIJA only provided a temporary amount of funding for the ACP, which is expected to run out in 2024. Congress must act and provide sufficient appropriations to provide certainty for program beneficiaries and participating internet service providers.
  • Prevent Overregulation: Congress must ensure that all federal broadband programs avoid ancillary and harmful public policies such as preferences for unions, costly Buy America mandates, and patchwork networks.

If this wasn’t a lot to digest, *The Community Broadband Act of 2023* was reintroduced on both sides of the Capital.  New Jersey Senator Cory Booker sponsored S.1197, while Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (D-CA) sponsored H.R.2552.

This legislation will empower local governments to ensure their residents have equitable broadband access by removing roadblocks for public-private partnerships and locally-owned broadband providers. It will also improve internet and broadband access across the country by removing roadblocks prohibiting local communities from building their own broadband networks.

These Acts have been endorsed by NATOA.

Confusing?  Maybe a little.  But, as you have read, Congress is investing heavily in order to bring broadband to all Americans.  It’s just a matter of how to go about it correctly and spend the money wisely. Please join us on May 18th, at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ,  Find out where you can secure the funds to 100% connect your community and prepare everyone for the future of Broadband.

President’s Message: May 2023 – JAG To Honor Some of Its Own

by Bob Duthaler

By now you already know that Thursday, May 18th is the date you should put all things aside and make plans to be at the JAG’s annual conference and vendor day.  If you haven’t done so already, register now at .  This is a must attend event if you are a member of JAG, support the organization or utilize any of its benefits.

Did you know that as part of JAG’s conference, the organization recognizes members for their extraordinary workfor either the PEG community or the JAG organization.  This year is no exception.  Throughout the day, JAG will recognize some of its members, community leaders and others in their efforts to support PEG.  It is important that we all gather on that day as both an organization and community to support those who helped support us.  Register now to be part of this at

Join us on Thursday, May 18th at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ and be present at our keynote lunch which will take place in the exhibit hall area, at which we will award our Community Recognition Award.  This goes to a member of a local Municipality/County (Elected or Employed by) that has helped JAG and its mission to support PEG access.  We will recognize some of the local politicians from the Township of New Milford and their efforts to grow their local television station WM77.  We ask that you be on hand as well to congratulate them.  Register now at

There are many organizational members that go above and beyond in their support of JAG and the JAG community.  As part of our Keynote Lunch on Thursday, May 18th we will recognize them.  I will have the honor of presenting the Vendor Appreciation Award during the luncheon.  I urge you to be present at this event and show your appreciation to those who gave back to our organization.  Please join me in thanking them by registering for our conference and being present during our keynote lunch at

Be part of the evening’s activities when JAG continues to recognize the great works of its members during our banquet.  There will be several opportunities for the organization to accomplish this.  We will begin the evening with the JAG Member Recognition Award.  Each year we present it to a member that has contributed to the success of JAG.  I am pleased to announce that this year’s recipient is one of JAG’s founding members, its second president and a board member from the beginning up through 2023.  I ask you to join me to honor Lee Beckerman of the Woodbridge Channels.  To do so, make sure you register now at

The fun will continue when we announce the winners of this year’s JAG Awards.  The awards ceremony will take place during the JAG banquet.  It is truly a great event as we watch clips of the great work our member stations have done during the year, present several stations with the JAG Excellence Award and honor all those that were nominated.  Finally, before the evenings over, as the current President of JAG it will be my honor to present President’s Ovation Awards to a member and/or board member of JAG in acknowledgement of their unrelenting commitment to the members of the Jersey Access Group and the operation of public, education, and government communication facilities.  The only way you can participate in the day’s activities, celebrations and learning experience is to register now for this year’s JAG Conference and Vendor Exhibition –  See you there!

Spotlight Bloomfield:Rebuilding For Now and The Future But Recognizing The Past

By Bob Duthaler, Station Manager, Bloomfield

And So It Began… WBMA-TV (Channel 35) in Bloomfield, NJ has been in operation for over 45 years, making it one of the oldest municipal channels on Comcast.  Its purpose was and still is to inform the Bloomfield Community of events happening throughout the township, while supporting open government through the playback of meetings on the cable channel.  It started out like many stations across the state have, in a small space, a bunch of VHS players and a graphics system.  Over the years the space in which the station operated grew larger, but much of the equipment stayed the same.  VHS players, mixed with SVHS with shows being recorded on mini-dv, were the flavor through the early 2000s.  Unfortunately, due to the death of the station manager, and a couple of short-term interim managers, the station was starting to fall by the wayside.  Thankfully, a new board member who was experienced professionally in the industry, kept the station on life support, convincing the Township of Bloomfield and the Cable Advisory Board that the station needed to change both the way it operated and the technology at hand.

Timing Is Everything… Just like the timing was right for the station to change, so would the timing for its current Executive Director, Bob Duthaler to step in.  Brought in by the Cable Advisory Council liaison and Board President in 2007, Duthaler hit the ground running.  Fortunately, he had the support of the Township Council and Cable Advisory Board behind him.  The station quickly converted from analog playout to a Telvue digital broadcast server and bulletin board system.  Doing away with the racks of SVHS and VHS players, the station started down a new road.  New edit systems, new studio cameras and file-based recorders all became the new norm for WBMA-TV.  Within the next few years more township events were being covered, in addition to council, board of ed, planning and zoning meetings.  The station soon began its own series of shows including Bloomfield Buzz TV, Saturday Night at the Movies, To Your Health Bloomfield and WBMA-TV Sports Coverage.  Within a few short years, the station now had an operational studio, ENG cameras for remote events and the ability to do live events.  They even pulled off an 8-hour live Harvest Fest Coverage with an outside studio for interviews, live music coverage and remote live “man on the street” interviews using microwave transmission.  Duthaler will be quick to tell you that coverage of this event was possible due to all the Cable Advisory Board members pitching in as volunteers, along with several JAG members who also volunteered to help him as well.

Leap Forward… Skip ahead ten plus years and WBMA-TV remained strong in its operation, covering more township events than ever.  There is a regular programming schedule, and the station continues to be a community fixture.  WBMA-TV now includes an online presence with live streaming of the station on the township website, its own video on demand player with access to years of programming, along with now operating two channels on Comcast and three on Verizon.  Operationally, WBMA-TV adapted to the changes over the years.  “As volunteers started to become far and few between, we needed to start hiring freelancers to keep up with the coverage of events for which we were requested”  said Duthaler.  He continued to say, “The industry is always changing, and we learned to keep up with and adapt as necessary to that change.  This is what has helped us remain a successful station.  JAG has also played an important role in that as well, giving us access to vendors, equipment and conference workshops that teach us and help us grow.”

Who Knew It Was Coming… Then in 2018, WBMA-TV had developed a strong relationship with the Township’s IT Director along with continued support from the Mayor and Council and would begin to start its next phase of growth and expansion.  The station took over the operation of the educational channel as well on both Comcast and Verizon.  Soon, both Comcast and Verizon would run new fiber to the WBMA-TV studios in addition to placing digital encoders to receive the stations broadcast signal.  WBMA-TV finally removed the last remaining analog component to its operation and became all digital in its broadcast.  It would also be through the local franchise negotiations with Comcast, that Bloomfield had put in place for its future the running of fiber between the municipal building and the civic center, in which WBMA-TV was located.  The plan was now to setup PTZ cameras and Dante Audio systems at the municipalities’ Council Chambers to send them back to the station control room via a network connection to produce meetings from the WBMA-TV studios.  In addition to that project getting underway, the station also purchased a used video production truck from the negotiated franchise funds and was starting to create its own mobile production vehicle.  Things were about to get underway with both projects, then the calendar read March 2020!

Lockdown, reinvention, LIVE… It all changed that second week in March, when we all got the word that everything was shutting down because of COVID-19.  Fortunately for WBMA-TV, we had everything in place for operating the station remotely.  Thankfully because of vendors associated with JAG like Telvue and Varto Technologies, we could already operate the station remotely, handling station programming, bulletin board updates, program insertion and more from remote locations.  What WBMA-TV was now being challenged to do, how do we cover all meetings from remote locations, some in a hybrid situation and broadcast them live and on-air and social media.  Thankfully, through the support of LiveU and their PEG bundling equipment and pricing we found that solution.  So, with lots of COVID testing, masks, social distancing, a large monitor with Zoom, and our camera equipped with a LiveU 300 unit, we started out in uncharted waters of live, remote tv coverage from Conference Rooms at town hall, Media Centers at the HS Library or in large rooms with everyone spread out, we embarked on a new adventure that has changed our operations even today.  We were now the Live Channel!  We also ran daily live press conferences from the governor, health updates from township officials and regular updates from the mayor as well.

It Took Longer, but it’s here…  COVID brought about changes in both the truck project and remote meeting coverage system.  A new Tricaster TC-2 Elite was purchased during covid to replace the TC-1 in which we were about to install in the studio control room.  The new unit allowed us to incorporate Zoom meeting directly into the switcher allowing for individuals to brought up on air as single shot.  The TC-1 which was slated for the studio, now was put in to the truck, which started a yearlong build out of the vehicle (COVID and Supply Chain- not a winning combination).  In addition, we continued the long road of battling COVID, lockdowns and mask wearing to build out the council chambers with PTZ cameras, incorporating Dante for audio and sending it across a fiber network from town hall to the studio control room about a mile away (as the fiber goes).  It wasn’t long before we started doing all Zoom meetings in our control room, which allowed us better broadcasting quality, individual shot selections, presentation pull-ups and more, while broadcasting live on-air, streaming on the website and social media.  We eventually came back in person for council and a zoom portion for public input.  Hybrid meeting coverage was well underway.  We also were rolling out OTT capabilities during this period.  We launched our own Apple TV, ROKU, and Amazon Fire Channels.  This now allowed cord cutters to be kept in the loop as well during the pandemic.  Change was coming hard and fast (as fast as you can go during a pandemic) and the station was once again evolving.  The Mayor, Council and Community all put their trust in the station to keep the community informed and involved during the pandemic, and WBMA-TV came through with flying colors.

New Era Underway… July 4th, 2022, WBMA-TV began its first remote production with its new vehicle.  Coverage of Bloomfield’s annual July 4th Concert and Fireworks kicked off a new chapter for WBMA-TV.  The new production truck would continue to cover summer concerts, parades and more, both live and live to tape (or hard drive).  The Studio control room is fully operational for remote, live meeting coverage – in which live is the new norm now.  The video production truck now has a replay system installed for future sports coverage and is working on getting its own power source for locations where two 30amp circuits are not setup to accommodate the vehicle.  WBMA-TV also added its first high-definition channel on cable, with the new Verizon 2137 Channel.  WBMA-TV is also working on creating an iOS and Android app, to make the station available on phones, computers, and tablets.  The next phase in the evolution of the once Channel 35 is underway, again!  Feel free to reach out to Bob Duthaler at WBMA-TV and have a look at the station’s operations, studio and production truck. Fun Fact:  Channel 35 as it was known for years, as being on channel location 35 on Comcast, is called WBMA-TV.  What does WBMA-TV mean?  Watch Bloomfield Municipal Access TV.  You can see the station’s website at

More Components Added to The Conference

By Don Smith, Vice Chair, Conference Committee

From the first conference to our 19th edition, the JAG Conference is the best place to get the latest hardware updates the freshest gear, and collaborate with your fellow colleagues from other stations around New Jersey.  This year’s conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Edison on May 18th from 9am-11pm.

We are only a month away from the JAG Conference!

  • Have you made your checklist for new equipment you would like to get more information on?
  • Have you purchased your tickets?
  • Have you reserved your hotel room?

Conference Updates

TelVue Users Group: Ultra-affordable All-in-One Playout, Integrated Streaming, Editing, and CBB, Live Caption Translation, New Viewer Analytics, and more!

Showcasing the latest and greatest from TelVue including a peek into our broadcast products roadmap…all with the purpose of streamlining your workflow, saving you time, expanding your audience, increasing accessibility, and unlocking new sources of revenue.  Demos & topics will include: New, ultra-affordable & scalable HyperCaster AIO+ All-in-One playout models; HyperCaster integrated CBB, editing, and streaming; HyperCaster automatic social media multistreaming, no expensive restreaming services required; Redesigned, mobile-friendly scheduling pages to streamline scheduling from anywhere; Enhanced user access control & roles to more easily and securely distribute workloads; Affordable, accurate live captioning with live translation to a second language; Making your government meeting videos fully searchable with Caption Transcript Search; New, built-in viewer analytics to gain more insights into your streaming, mobile & OTT audiences; CloudCast player integrated full-view agenda/documents and channel schedules.  Bring questions, feedback, feature requests. Great for existing users looking to get the most out of their TelVue systems, and prospects looking to upgrade from unsupported and cumbersome platforms, or insecure windows playout systems.

A huge thanks to TelVue for being our Diamond Sponsor. 

TriCaster & NDI User Group: NAB Highlights & Interactive Forum

Discover the latest TriCaster and NDI advancements at our JAG Conference User Group session, where we’ll kick off with an overview of the groundbreaking updates from the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Learn about innovative features such as HTML 5 Cloud Graphics and how they can revolutionize your live productions. Following this brief presentation, the session will transition into an interactive forum for both new and experienced TriCaster users. Participants can ask questions, discuss workflows, and learn from each other’s experiences, with our presenter offering demonstrations and insights into real-life workflow scenarios. This engaging session provides an opportunity to connect with industry peers, share best practices, and stay ahead of the curve in live video production.  Moderator: Yervant Keshishian, Sales Engineer, Authorized Trainer & Technical Director, Varto Technologies.  Varto Technologies is a Titanium Sponsor and will sponsor the JAG Banquet.

There will be a number of workshops throughout the day and details can be found at .  Planet Networks is a Titanium Sponsor and will be sponsoring the Keynote Lunch.

Banquet Entertainment

Returning to JAG’s conference is Simon Mandel, sponsored by Cologna Productions.  Simon Mandal started out as a kid reading books at the library, and watching beginner magic VHS tapes.  He knew by the time he was ten that he wanted to be either a magician or a comedy writer.  After high school, he studied Acting/Drama at the Mason Gross School of the Arts, and at The William Esper Studio.  Those years weren’t dedicated to magic head on, but he studied comedy in depth, and it helped his show a lot.  Simon went full time in the early 2,000’s, and has been developing his own magic ever since.  Simon Mandal is one of the most in demand illusionists in the world today.  Mandal combines incredible feats of skill with hilarious interactive routines that bring the house down, and be prepared to become part of the show.  Simon will be looking for help from the audience to join him on stage. 

Separate banquet tickets are on sale.  Order now.  This event will sell out.

The conference wraps up with the JAG Banquet and the JAG Awards. Please stay and cheer on colleagues from local access stations across the state!   There are many new categories this year to win, and many stations will go home with some nice trophies. This year the cost of the Conference, including the JAG Banquet is $160 per person for JAG members.  Your admission includes the User Group Breakfast, vendor exhibits, a number of workshops, keynote lunch, admission to the cocktail party, the banquet and the JAG Awards. Details can be found at

A Visit to the Hill:  Protecting Community Television Act

by Dave Garb, Legislative Committee Chair

Last month I joined the ACM as we visited our esteemed Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill in an effort to garner co-sponsorship for the” Protecting Community Television Act”.

The Identical bills, S 340, Authored by Senator Edward Markey (MA) and Tammy Baldwin (WI), & HR 907, Authored by Representative Anna Eshoo (CA), were reintroduced in Congress on February 9th of this year.  It was our intention to make sure to inform as many members of Congress as possible about these bills.

Being the sole spokesperson for New Jersey, by representing the Jersey Access Group, and never having experienced what I was about to encounter, I had a steep learning curve to navigate.

Fortunately for me, ACM President Mike Wassenaar had already planned two very interesting meetings for me with the Legislative Assistants to Senator Cory Booker and Representative Mikie Sherrill.  Both seemed very interested in what was told to them regarding the effect of the 2019 FCC ruling upon community television, why these Acts came to be, and why we need their support by co-sponsoring them.  I even had the pleasure of having Mike join me for the meeting at Senator Booker’s office.

As for the rest of the members from New Jersey, their offices were easy to find and they had open door policies, so I was able to talk to their office staff and to leave information for their Legislative Director/Assistants.  And yes, I managed to visit all of our Federal Legislators.

The main message communicated to each office or staff member was quite simple, and it is the crux of why the Protecting Community Television Act is needed.  PEG/Access Television is in jeopardy!

From The ACM:

In 2019, The FCC Franchise Fee Order redefined the federal Cable Act’s 5% franchise fee cap to include the value of most non-monetary franchise obligations as franchise fees.  This change allows cable companies to reduce what they pay for the use of public property and rights-of-way.  The Protecting Community Television Act (S 340/HR 907) corrects this error by clarifying franchise fees are only monetary.

The Cable Act protects the rights of a local community to charge cable companies a five (5%) percent franchise fee and to meet community needs and interests, such as providing public, educational and governmental channel capacity.  Contrary to industry practices that date to the 1980s, the FCC’s actions could result in reducing cable operators’ monetary compensation to towns and municipalities that wish to communicate with residents through community television.   The FCC Order could force communities to choose between franchise fees or communicating with residents through community media that provide Americans with local (transparent) civic, public safety and public health content. 

The Protecting Community Television Act (S 340/HR 907) clarifies that only monetary payments, not non-monetary franchise obligations, qualify as Cable Act franchise fees and are subject to a fee cap.   Without it, a cable operator could create fees to drain away municipal revenues and pressure municipalities to give up or de-staff channels.

When the Protecting Community Television Act, was introduced during the 2021-2022 Congressional Session, Representatives Donald Payne (10th District) and Bonnie Watson Coleman (12th District), led the charge by co-sponsoring it at that time.  The hope this time is that we can get all of our members of Congress to support them and the local content that our communities need and deserve.

With all this fresh in your minds, this also happens to be one of our main topics at this year’s legislative workshop at the JAG Conference.

News from Capitol Hill and Around the Country,

and What it Means to the New Jersey PEG/Access Stations

The Jersey Access Group will present a workshop at 10AM on May 18th at the Crown Plaza in Edison, NJ as part of its annual conference.

Our featured panelists will be Mike Wassenaar, President of the ACM, and Mike Lynch, Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Director for NATOA, the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors.

Do you know what is going on in the Halls of Congress or even in the individual States, including right here in New Jersey, that could affect how you are able to do business as usual at your local municipality and PEG stations?

There are many issues that will be talked about during this very informative conversation.

  • Hear how the Protecting Community Television Acts, which are circulating around both chambers of Congress, could drastically change the direction of the FCC’s 621 Order that currently is hurting all access communities and municipalities. 
  • Is the FCC going to get a 5th Commissioner and what would that mean to you and the citizens of New Jersey? 
  • What is the status of the Broadband Funds and how could this effect your community both monetarily and regarding your community fully connected.

   New Jersey Current Mobile Broadband Map

   New Jersey Current Fixed Broadband Map

  • An Act To Ensure Nondiscriminatory Treatment of Public, Educational and Governmental Access Channels by Cable System Operators has been enacted in the State of Maine.  Known as the “PEG Non-Discrimination” or “PEG Equal Rights” law,  Nondiscriminatory Treatment of PEG Access Channels, it carries out five major actions:
  • Cable Services Providers must carry local PEG stations on all basic subscriber tiers and packages
  • Cable Service Providers cannot downgrade signal quality if PEG stations are sending an HD signal.
  • No ‘slamming.’ Local PEG stations must be placed in the same numerical range with other local network affiliate stations.
  • Local PEG content/data must receive equal treatment in all electronic program guides and digital menus
  • PEG organizations must be provided with a direct point of contact to resolve issues related to PEG signal quality.

Could this law be considered in other States?  Find out the answers to these issues and more, along with having your own questions answered by our panel of national experts on all matters that could greatly impact the future of access television. Please register for not only this informative session, but all the events planned to keep you and your communities in the know.

President’s Message: April 2023 – Station Check List – Help Grow Your Station

by Bob Duthaler

Here are some ideas on how you can grow, strengthen, and improve you station operations and overall appearance.  They are in no order, so use these as a guide for your station.  Do all or do some, but the key to change and growth is to do something.

Use What You Have, and Use It To The Fullest… We are all guilty of this, I know that I am.  So, what am I referring to?  Just about any product or software you have in your place.  You would be surprised at how much they have to offer and how we don’t use this technology to its full potential.  What are some examples of this?  How can I find solutions?  I will give you a couple examples, but take inventory on all your hardware and software, research all they have to offer, then train yourself to use it to its fullest potential.   For our purpose I am going to talk about broadcast systems and multi-camera productions.  Both of these are important to station productions, operations, and overall appearance.

Broadcast Servers:

  • Do you know how to schedule series programs?
  • Do you know how to use squeezbacks?
  • Do you know how to add “now playing” and “up next” snipe graphics?
  • Do you run a station logo or bug?
  • Are you running text crawl messages and incorporating emergency notifications?

Multi-camera Productions:

  • Do you understand the idea concept of two hand switching?
  • Do you know how to use M/E?
  • Are you doing live graphics?
  • Do you know how to create virtual sets and chromakey?
  • Do you know how to roll in video clips?
  • Do you know how to bring in sources over the network, across the web and other sources?

Learn all the above and more.  But how you ask?  Come to the JAG conference on Thursday, May 18th and attend special user group sessions by TelVue and Newtek.  Learn to get the most out of the equipment you already own or are looking to get.  Register now for this year’s event at

Cable, live streaming on social media, and cord cutters…serve them all. The time has come to serve everyone in your community, whether they have cable or not.  Gone are the days in which cable was the only way to see your station.  As the viewing habits of the residents in your community change, so must you change in order to reach them.  But how do you reach them?  What are the benefits of live streaming?  Is there a way to reach the cord cutters?  Apple TV, ROKU and Amazon Fire… they are not just for Netflix.  Learn how you can get your channel on these platforms and more.  Attend special workshops geared for this very topic. Meet with vendors with the knowledge and ability to show you an affordable way to get your station broadcasting on platforms you never thought were possible.  Where?   Come to the JAG conference on Thursday, May 18th at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ.  Learn how to get access to affordable streaming equipment, have your channel on OTT platforms and a lot more.  Register now for this year’s event at

Know what the future of PEG could hold, and know what you are entitled to now…  One of the biggest ways to be successful in our industry is to understand the laws the govern our industry and what you should be advocating for.  Over the years JAG has fought hard to get your station access to training and equipment.  JAG also made it possible for you to have a high-definition channel.  But do you know how to go about getting these?  Wouldn’t you like to learn what stations around New Jersey and the country are getting in their local franchise negotiations?  Knowledge is power, which becomes an advantageous ally when dealing with cable companies during your franchise renewal.  I am sure you don’t have time to sit and track state and federal legislation the pertains to PEG-TV, broadband and more on a regular basis.  If you are looking for an easy explanation of all the above, in a clear, concise way for you to understand and bring back to your cable board or local government, then you need to attend the annual JAG Conference on Thursday, May 18th.  Learn current legislation, FCC rules and proposed legislation in special topics and a Keynote Lunch during the JAG Conference in Edison, NJ.  Register now for this year’s event at

VHS Tapes, File Based Broadcast Servers, Closed Captioning and AI… We have watched our industry change over the years, but what is in store next?  Are you contemplating the addition of closed captioning to your station?  What is the best approach?  Should you have an on-site unit or a cloud-based subscription?  What about remote video transmission, is there an affordable solution out there?  Can you harness the power of the internet and cellular data to transmit live video?  How about AI technology?  More and more we are hearing about the use of AI and what it means to our industry.  There is so much new technology out there and the announcement of more coming off the heels of the NAB Tradeshow, how can you keep up with it all?  You can get caught up with some of the latest and greatest right here in New Jersey at JAG’s annual conference.  Mark your calendar now and click the registration link: and set yourself up to be in the know.  Join us on Thursday, May 18th for a one-day event that will surely enhance your knowledge and ability to successfully operate your station.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much going on throughout the day at the JAG Conference.  Plus, there will be ample time for networking with others in our industry and vendors from around the country.  This event is designed specifically for those in the PEG community.  It is our chance to get together, discuss topics that pertain to our industry, learn the latest and interact with each other.  There is no doubt this is the one event each year you do not want to miss.  The time is now to register for JAG’s Conference 2023 on Thursday, May 18th in Edison, NJ.  Don’t wait, register now!!!   I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s event!

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Spotlight Asbury Park: A Year of Two Milestones

By Ed Salvas, Secretary. Asbury Park Cable TV Advisory Committee

January 2023 marked the start of the eleventh year of operation for Asbury Park TV, known as APTV.  Seen on Optimum channels 77 and 116 and on Verizon FiOS on channels 28 and 30, APTV is programmed around the clock with the usual Public Access programs: City Council, and Board of Education meetings, as well as the Planning and Zoning Boards. APTV can also be seen on streaming services Roku and Apple TV, YouTube and online at

This year, we’re looking forward to two important milestones – opening our new studio and turning on our APTV “Beach Cam” on the famous Asbury Park Boardwalk.  In March of 2020, Nate McCallister was hired as APTV’s Station Manager.  He calls the studio an “alternative work space” that for years had been a storage room next to the Council Chambers and will be convenient for interviews following the twice monthly Council meetings and numerous other meetings and city events that take place in the Chambers. 

We anticipate the Beach Cam to be on before summer.  Positioned on a light pole near the south end of the boardwalk, it will also be helpful to the city beach management to keep an eye on the beach and boardwalk crowds and surf conditions.  The Beach cam will be added to the second channels, Optimum 116 and FiOS 30 along with the latest weather information and Public Service announcements.  The major programming schedule on APTV is available on the main channels.

APTV operates as part of the City of Asbury Park’s Department of Communications with a seven-member Advisory Committee which reviews and selects programs, follows news and trends in the PEG world, and stays up to date as a member of JAG from Day One.  In addition, we’re responsible for several “Electronic Billboards” located around the city with the “Welcome to Asbury Park” greeting and a rundown of announcements of coming events and other public service messages.

At APTV we believe we have a good mix of programs that meet the criteria for the true meaning of a PEG channel – “Public, Educational and Government.”  Since the beginning in 2012 we have aired meetings of the Asbury Park City Council, Planning and Zoning Boards, and the Board of Education.  The Board of Ed. meetings are taped by them and delivered to us.  Since Asbury Park is experiencing significant redevelopment, the Planning Board meetings often have an overflow attendance as well as strong viewership on-demand.

Thanks to Verizon FiOS and the internet, we can be seen beyond Asbury Park and have been carrying meetings of the Deal Lake Commission, the group that oversees the lake, a large body of water that flows from the Ocean through seven towns in Monmouth County. Deal Lake was named the “Third Most Beautiful Lake in New Jersey” by a national travel magazine in 2022. 

Also on the APTV schedule is “Monmouth in Focus,” a production of the County Commissioners and “Aging Insights” from the N.J. Advocates for Aging Well.  Among our own original productions is a quarterly interview with Mayor John Moor talking about current city issues and a weekend weather forecast and Podcast produced by Muata Greene, which earned him one of the five JAG Awards won by APTV last year.  APTV also carries two national programs each evening, “Sidewalks Entertainment,” a celebrity interview and music program from San Francisco, and “Democracy Now,” an independent News program.

The APTV Advisory Committee meets at the Historic Stephen Crane House, built in the late 1800’S and the home of the famed writer during his teenage years.  With the Asbury Park Historical Society, APTV has produced a documentary about the life of Stephen Carne which debuted on the station In December, 2022.

Sponsors Help Develop The Conference

By Don Smith, Vice Chair, Conference Committee

Take a moment to think about what you were doing in 2000.  Think about where your channel was, from technology to creative to your relationships with your cable provider.

So much has changed in the local access space since JAG held their first conference back in 2000.  In just 21 years we went from shooting videos on VHS or S-VHS, or if you were lucky Mini DV, to now when everything is digital on SD Cards and hard drives.  And you know who kept you up to date on the latest tech?  JAG!  From their first conference to our 19th edition, the JAG Conference is the best place to get the latest hardware updates, the freshest gear, and collaborating on ideas with your fellow colleagues from other stations around New Jersey.  This year’s conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Edison on May 18th from 8am-11pm.  Conference workshops are being held one at a time so no need to decide which one to attend.  Attend them all!  And if you get hungry, we have you covered from breakfast to our Keynote Lunch and the JAG Banquet.


TelVue Corporation is an Organizational Member of Jag and once again our Diamond Sponsor!  I am sure everyone knows Jesse, Denise, and Mark from the great staff of TelVue.  And if not, then this is the perfect place to come and meet them!  From your bulletin board to playout solutions, they have something for everyone!  Come join us at 8am for breakfast with President and C.E.O. Jesse Lerman at the TelVue User Group Breakfast for a great meet and greet opportunity!  TelVue will also sponsor a workshop on Social Media that will be moderated by Jesse.

Varto Technologies is also a very valued member of the JAG Community, organizational member of JAG, and a Platinum Sponsor!  Varto and Yervant Keshishian are huge supporters of JAG and the mission local access stations have in the State of New Jersey!  Join Varto Technologies at 9am for a User Group Breakfast, and that afternoon Varto will be sponsoring a workshop on New Technology Tools that you do not want to miss!  LiveU will be one of the panelists talking about product updates that will be released at NAB.

Cologna Productions joins this year’s list of sponsors as a Sapphire sponsor making it possible for the entertainment at the banquet.  Cologna Production operates a number of stations all of which are members of JAG.

DeSisti Lighting is a long time organizational member and conference supporter.  DeSisti is a Silver sponsor and will be sponsoring the Networking Break and a workshop demonstrating ways to light a remote interview using a bag of tricks.  DeSisti sale manager Paul DiStefano has been at every one of JAG’s Conferences since they began in 2000.

JAG is grateful for the generous support of our sponsors in making it possible to provide this conference and continue its work in New Jersey.  They will all be exhibiting and we hope you will take the time to visit and thank them.

Last but certainly not least the conference wraps up with the JAG Awards.  Please stay and cheer on colleagues from local access stations across the state!  There are many new categories this year to win, and many stations will go home with some nice trophies!

So, to get in on all this fun you need to go to our new website  There you will be able to see our schedule, list of exhibitors and hotel directions and accommodations.  Thinking of spending the night then make sure you use our special discount code JAA when you are booking your room.

This year the cost of the Conference and the JAG Banquet is $160 per person for JAG members.  Your admission includes breakfast, keynote lunch, networking beverage breaks, the Cocktail Party, the Buffet Dinner and the JAG Awards. JAG is a vital resource for your local access station, has been since 2000, and will continue to be for many years to come!