The Debate is Over, and the Result is……… What PEG Stations Have Been Waiting For

By Paul A. Distefano, NE Regional Sales Manager, DeSisti Lighting

Paul A. Distefano

I joined DeSisti in 2019, and before I made my first sales call for them, there had been an ongoing debate. DeSisti has always been a premium product, preferred by broadcasters, and is used in broadcast studios from small markets to networks. With our patented optics, we generally outperform our competitors with superior white CCTs (Correlated Color Temperature), very high CRIs (Color Rendering Index), and higher output at lower wattages, across our entire product line. Of course, that high standard of quality comes with a commensurate price. Thus, the debate.

JAG’s new video partner: Granicus

by Andrew Collinsworth, Account Executive, Granicus

Have you heard of Granicus? They’ve been serving government since being founded in 1999. Granicus helps organizations run more efficiently, effectively, and transparently. Their video streaming solutions make meetings accessible to the public, wherever they are and on their own devices.

Programming Best Practices “Crafting Compelling and Engaging Local TV”

by Jesse Lerman, President/CEO, TelVue

Creating a successful broadcast schedule involves both art and science. Understanding your audience is the foundation for a winning program strategy. Knowing demographics and daily routines (kids aren’t available during school hours, working folks may only view evening broadcasts, seniors and retirees might watch during the day) allows you to tailor your content with more dayparting and encourage “habitual” viewing. Focusing on the Ls: local and live drive viewership. Leveraging technology tools to increase programming, promotion, reach, and accessibility can help grow your audience and keep viewers coming back for more.

Enhancing Public Access to Government Meetings with SRT Streaming

by Dana Healy, Vice President, Sales, Cablecast

In the dynamic sphere of local government, transparency and accessibility are paramount.  Ensuring the public has real-time access to government meetings is a critical function of communication teams and video specialists. The challenges of network streaming video are magnified in this setting, where reliability and security are non-negotiable.  This is where Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) streaming becomes an invaluable tool.

ENCO Systems- Continuous Access Realtime Translation

by Bill Bennett, Media Solutions & Accounts Manager

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Your municipality’s broadcasts are key to informing your residents about what matters in their community, and ENCO has products that make your content more accessible to a broader audience with economical, automated Closed Captions and in-room CART displays.  We can also help make your productions and playout more reliable via our acquisition of RUSHWORKS, a world-class computer-based video production and playout maker.  All this is available via a single, consolidated package with unified US-based support.

NJGOVTV: Revolutionizing PEG Broadcasting with a Difference

by Ed Cologna, Cologna Productions, Pres.

In the heart of Newark, New Jersey, an exciting development in the world of PEG (Public, Educational, and Government) broadcasting is about to unfold.  Cologna Productions, a local media company known for its innovative approach to broadcasting, is set to take center stage at the next Jersey Access Group (JAG) meeting.  The focal point of their presentation?  A groundbreaking platform they’ve been developing for the past two years, aptly named NJGOVTV.

Enhancing Your Programming with Music

By Joel Feinberg, Chief Executive Officer, de Wolfe Music USA Inc.

De Wolfe Music was founded in 1909 by Meyer de Wolfe.  Now at 113 years old, we are a full-service music company offering a production music library, custom composition, sound effects, and commercial music clearance services.  Although the company is still independent and family-run, de Wolfe has achieved worldwide recognition and our music can be heard in countless films, TV shows, advertisements, and more.

5 Things You Didn’t Know LiveU Could Do

by Yervant Keshishian, Sales Engineer & Technical Director Varto Technologies & LiveU Staff

Varto Technologies is proud to host the Jersey Access Group meeting once again at our facility in
East Rutherford, NJ. Joining us on Oct 26th will be LiveU’s Mike Mahoney, Director of US Channel
Sales who will present the latest solutions from LiveU like the LU810 & LU610S 5G, 4K rackmount
contribution encoders along with the LU800 and LU300s field units. Following the presentation,
Varto Technologies will demonstrate some features hidden away in the LiveU lineup!
LiveU has an abundance of products and solutions – all with different uses and features that you might not
have known about. Here are five things LiveU can do:

PTZ cameras: NDI, HDBaseT, SDI and HDMI

I have about 50 years experience in this industry. Engineering, sales and designing systems.

I graduated from Voorhees Technical Institute which is now a part of Hunter College and continued my education at New York Institute of Technology.

G&G Technologies has been in business for over 34 years. If you go to G&G Technologies website  you will find that we are an authorized dealer for over 100 manufacturers.

RUSHWORKS: Three major Product Updates

by Rush Beesley, President, RUSHWORKS

Throughout last year RUSHWORKS has focused on significant enhancements in features and functions for its VDESK Integrated PTZ/PTZ Production System.  The VDESK Version 7 software development was driven by the need for a ‘powerfully simple’ interface designed for use by a single operator.