Enhancing Your Programming with Music

By Joel Feinberg, Chief Executive Officer, de Wolfe Music USA Inc.

De Wolfe Music was founded in 1909 by Meyer de Wolfe.  Now at 113 years old, we are a full-service music company offering a production music library, custom composition, sound effects, and commercial music clearance services.  Although the company is still independent and family-run, de Wolfe has achieved worldwide recognition and our music can be heard in countless films, TV shows, advertisements, and more.

5 Things You Didn’t Know LiveU Could Do

by Yervant Keshishian, Sales Engineer & Technical Director Varto Technologies & LiveU Staff

Varto Technologies is proud to host the Jersey Access Group meeting once again at our facility in
East Rutherford, NJ. Joining us on Oct 26th will be LiveU’s Mike Mahoney, Director of US Channel
Sales who will present the latest solutions from LiveU like the LU810 & LU610S 5G, 4K rackmount
contribution encoders along with the LU800 and LU300s field units. Following the presentation,
Varto Technologies will demonstrate some features hidden away in the LiveU lineup!
LiveU has an abundance of products and solutions – all with different uses and features that you might not
have known about. Here are five things LiveU can do:

PTZ cameras: NDI, HDBaseT, SDI and HDMI

I have about 50 years experience in this industry. Engineering, sales and designing systems.

I graduated from Voorhees Technical Institute which is now a part of Hunter College and continued my education at New York Institute of Technology.

G&G Technologies has been in business for over 34 years. If you go to G&G Technologies website www.ggvideo.com  you will find that we are an authorized dealer for over 100 manufacturers.

RUSHWORKS: Three major Product Updates

by Rush Beesley, President, RUSHWORKS

Throughout last year RUSHWORKS has focused on significant enhancements in features and functions for its VDESK Integrated PTZ/PTZ Production System.  The VDESK Version 7 software development was driven by the need for a ‘powerfully simple’ interface designed for use by a single operator.

New “All In One” OMNI Solutions with Closed Captions!

Randy Visser

by Randy Visser, East Sales, Cablecast Community Media

Video play-out systems provide community media operations the tools they need to distribute their content to members of their communities, and beyond.  Early systems involved the use of multiple video tape machines, and eventually DVD players that were programmed by external devices to play, and then switch, programming from one source to another.  You never knew if this complex chain of events was going to work as planned, and the set-up time to cue tapes and calculate “pre-roll” times for every event made the process challenging and time consuming. 

TelVue: Workflow, Captioning, Apps, Monetization and More

by Jesse Lerman, President/CEO, TelVue

Broadcasting in an increasingly connected world means your community channels and programming need to be accessible and available everywhere – on cable, streaming, over-the-top, mobile apps, and social media.  Modern broadcast systems have evolved to make all of this easier to manage and automate, from instant publishing to automatically adding multi-language closed captions to live and on-demand programming.  Captioning your programming delivers even more value to your diverse communities, and also makes your government meetings fully searchable.  Reaching more viewers on new platforms opens up opportunities for revenue generation – including sponsorship, membership, pay-per-view, pay-per-download, and subscription models.

New JVC PTZ Cameras for Remote Production Over the Internet (REMI)

CONNECTED CAM™ Line Offers High-quality, Low-latency IP Video Transmission

Producing live video broadcasts is never easy, but it is especially difficult during pandemic times with limited personnel and less travel options. In many cases, the traditional approach of shipping production equipment from location to location with a professional crew may not be an option. Ensuring you still get the content you need in this new environment becomes much easier with the right tools in place.

Closed Captioning: Lots of Options

by Daniell Krawczyk, Owner, Municipal Captioning

Buy a new car in 2022 and the engine is going to be reliable enough no matter what you buy, but in the early days of automobiles the reliability and quality of the prebuilt engines which “coach manufacturers” built their autos upon varied greatly, and you needed to be aware of which vehicles had a top-tier engine and which had a bottom-tier engine.

DeSisti Presentation – The Most Versatile Lighting Technology Yet

The Most Versatile Lighting Technology Yet

by Paul A. Distefano, Regional Sales Manager, DeSisti Lighting

What if, today, you need to interview a town official in their office?   What if that official’s office is in a century old building with dark wood panels and incandescent lighting?  What if that official’s office is in a 1970’s era cookie cutter building with overhead fluorescent tubes in the range of 4000K?  What if it is a modern building with LED lighting which is nice and efficient, but not necessarily the highest color rendering because it was chosen to achieve a specific light level and a camera recording in there was not even an afterthought?  What if any of these scenarios is further complicated by large windows and window dressing insufficient to control this ambient light….. even if you are lucky and the windows are oriented north/south instead of east/west?  What if later that day, you need to cover a musical performance at a school, the library, the senior center, or some other venue that has similarly flat, ugly, low CRI, lighting?  Wouldn’t a splash of color on the wall or reflecting off the performer’s guitar make the image more appealing, interesting, or just prettier?  What if you also need to provide lighting for a still photographer in the room as well?  What if there was a single line of lighting fixtures that could allow you to creatively light under all these varied scenarios, and more, allowing you to record the highest quality images with your camera, whether it is a pro quality 3-chip or your cell phone?  Why, it would be the Zelig of lighting fixtures!  Well, it exists….. and it is called the Variable White + Color technology provided by DeSisti!  By the way, when the technology was first presented to us in its early development stage a couple of years ago, I made the same “Zelig” reference and my heart sunk when my clever reference was met by blank stares from my much younger colleagues on the Skype call.  I’m banking on the average age of my friends here at JAG being old enough to get it, though. 

Vendor Presentation: Upgrade to a Modern Broadcast Facility:Simplifying Production with New Tools

By Yervant Keshishian, Sales Engineer & Technical Director, Varto Technologies

Modern broadcast facilities don’t quite look like they used to, and that’s okay! As we look to upgrade and future proof there are several innovative solutions and workflows available that can drastically improve productivity and give us new opportunities to create high quality content.
Today I will dive into a few of these solutions, but I look forward to our presentation on September 29th where we will virtually demonstrate these concepts and more in our new IP-based REMI control room & studio in East Rutherford!