JAG’s new video partner: Granicus

by Andrew Collinsworth, Account Executive, Granicus

Have you heard of Granicus? They’ve been serving government since being founded in 1999. Granicus helps organizations run more efficiently, effectively, and transparently. Their video streaming solutions make meetings accessible to the public, wherever they are and on their own devices.A person in a suit

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Granicus’ mobile-friendly, multi-channel video streaming solution lets viewers search for and skip ahead to any agenda item they want to view, without sitting through or fast forward through an entire meeting. Voice search, multi-lingual captioning and automated minutes are just some of the time savers that benefit both staff and the public. With industry-leading video quality, security and reliability not previously seen in the government meeting market, Granicus created a true industry revolution and continues to lead the way.

In 2022, Granicus acquired Swagit to continue the transformation of streaming video for government. Swagit’s EASE solution helps relieve the workload of overburdened government meeting managers and IT staff by allowing agencies to offload hosting to Swagit servers. EASE also includes agenda indexing—shifting that duty from government staff to the Swagit team, which saves staff resources and improves turnaround time from meeting to public posting of the polished video. 

Swagit’s AVIOR solution scales the EASE concept to an international level, outsourcing meeting streaming and recording for reliable, hands-off production. 

In addition to video hosting and indexing, the Swagit team uses multiple cameras and manages all production work including panning, camera switching, zooming and on-screen graphics. It’s all done remotely from their offices in Dallas, Texas. With AVIOR, government agencies recover valuable staff time, improve viewer experience, and can redirect taxpayer dollars toward core priorities, avoiding repetitive meeting work or troubleshooting technology during critical public meetings.  A group of people sitting in a room with computers

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The AVIOR solution has been successfully deployed in cities both large and small, including Yellowknife, the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories. In the decade since its installation, Swagit AVIOR has been serving the remote Arctic city reliably and securely. Hundreds of jurisdictions across the U.S. and Canada rely entirely on the Swagit production team for video management, production and polishing. They don’t worry about staff coverage, technical problems, or low-quality video. 

The addition of Swagit maintains Granicus’ dedication to using video solutions to enhance government participation. Swagit’s functions complement Granicus’ industry-best closed captioning, transcription, spoken word search tools, as well as simultaneous multi-channel streaming capabilities, including social media platforms and cable access channels. These features, along with mobile device responsiveness, allow government agencies to reach viewers anywhere. A computer and camera next to a computer

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In the years since its founding, Granicus grew beyond video streaming and recording. The Granicus video solutions are part of a larger suite of products and services bringing digital solutions to governments managing meeting agenda creation, public record requests, board and committee staffing and servicing, website design and hosting, and public engagement. JAG’s partnership with Granicus evidences our ongoing commitment to transparency and quality in the services we provide. Tune in on Wednesday, March 27, and get to know our new video partner and the solutions we’re exploring.