Cost-saving Integrations & Time-saving Automation from TelVue

By Jesse Lerman, President and CEO, TelVue Corporation

It’s about time: one of the most precious commodities you as station managers and volunteers offer to your organizations. We know how difficult it can be to achieve efficiency in your operations: the performance of work in the right way and getting to the desired result, but with minimal effort, time, and cost.

TelVue Corporation has always been focused on the latest innovations to help you, the valued JAG member stations, save not only time and money, but to develop and improve system features that will help expand your viewership and increase accessibility. Cost savings can be achieved by integrating and doing more “all-in-one”. Time savings through enhanced, modern automation. Time to work smarter, not harder; time for ready, set, integrated & automate!

What are the Benefits of an Asset Manager?

By   Dana Healy, VP Sales | Cablecast Community Media

At Cablecast, it is our mission to help our customers quickly and efficiently get their video content across platforms. We will be highlighting the benefits of Asset Management, and introducing Cablecast’s new Smart Asset Manager.

We’ll also talk about security best practices of a CDN, and introduce REFLECT+, Cablecast’s cloud-based content delivery network.

Lighting….. The Easiest Part of Creating an Alternative Media Space

by Paul Distefano, Northeast Regional Sales Manager, I Light USA Corp – DeSisti & Coemar USA
A few years ago, while still with a lighting system integration company, my boss introduced a new term to me….. the “Alternative Media Space”.  Basically, this was a place…. an office, a lobby, a conference room, a newsroom, a foyer…… anyplace that could be lit and used to record media.  These were rarely permanent installations.  Crews could come in, set up a couple of chairs, one or two cameras, shoot an interview or some other content, and leave…. closer to an ENG shoot than a studio production.  Given the choice, the one thing that our customers wanted to be somewhat permanent was the lighting.  This made sense.  If there were no need for stands and cabling, the overhead lighting was clean, efficient, and would allow a crew to come in and shoot on battery power and leave without even unspooling a cable.

Broadband in New Jersey

by Robert Boyle, Founder and CEO, Planet Networks

This is the second year I attended the New Jersey State League of Municipalities convention.  It is also the second time I have had the honor to speak on the JAG panel on a topic that I am so passionate about and have dedicated the last 29 years of my life to making it a reality with Planet Networks – fast, reliable, and affordable Internet access for all – especially those in chronically underserved areas.

The most difficult challenge when recording meeting video: Recording Good Meeting Audio

by Rush Beesley, President, RUSHWORKS

Video is Easy.

There aren’t any ‘terrible’ video cameras these days. In fact, there are a myriad of tiny cameras with pinhole-sized lenses – often referred to as “cell phones” – that incorporate the latest technology and are available from many manufacturers.

With any current generation camera you can record (and stream) excellent HD video with minimal lighting. Overhead fluorescents provide adequate ‘soft light’ for any meeting venue. So just turn on the camera, frame your shot, and press Record.

JAG Sharing Programs & Knowledge

by Jesse Lerman, President/CEO, TelVue

It was a welcome change to finally be back in person at the Eastern Video Expo 2022.  One of the big benefits of in-person events is how much easier it is to engage when it comes to feedback and collaborative-based discussions such as User Groups.  So we were excited to be hosting the JAG Shared Server User Group to kick off the in-person conference day.  The JAG Shared Server is one of the many great perks of being a JAG Member Station, making it easy to share programming within the JAG community and find relevant local programming for your station.  Here are some interesting statistics from JAG Shared Server:

Equipment Donation to JAG

by   Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager

At JAG’s last general meeting on April 27th RUSHWORKS provided a vendor presentation that included discussion about their A-LIST Streamster.  When he completed his presentation Rush Beesley, President of RUSHWORKS, announced the donation of a Streamster to JAG.

Editing Techniques in Story Telling: A look into the presentation at the 2021 Eastern Video Expo

   by Joshua Vorensky, Associate Producer with ESPN

Editing to me brings any story to life; the music, the pacing, the selection of shots…everything helps the viewer connect to the subject on a visceral level.
When I was asked by Rich Desimone to present at the conference this year, I was both excited and honored. Since the last time I presented a few years ago, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the craft in producing longer form features for ESPN (my employer) that truly challenged me. The topic I would be discussing in the panel would be ‘Editing Techniques in Story Telling’. I could not think of a more important and appropriate topic for the two main features included in the panel – El Paso Strong and 17 Hours: The Chris Nikic Story.

Closed Captioning and Workflow Considerations for PEG Broadcasters

By Jesse Lerman, President and CEO, TelVue Corporation

With accessibility gaining momentum both as a core mission and a compliance requirement, Closed Captioning is top of mind for Community Media broadcasters, and modern technology has made captioning affordable. As you move towards making your channels and programming accessible, what are the technology and workflow tradeoffs to consider?