Broadband in New Jersey

by Robert Boyle, Founder and CEO, Planet Networks

This is the second year I attended the New Jersey State League of Municipalities convention.  It is also the second time I have had the honor to speak on the JAG panel on a topic that I am so passionate about and have dedicated the last 29 years of my life to making it a reality with Planet Networks – fast, reliable, and affordable Internet access for all – especially those in chronically underserved areas.

The rock stars I had the honor to share the stage with are equally passionate about the cause of better broadband for all.  Thank you to: Valarry C. Bullard (Transparency Officer | Broadband Advisor – NJ Office of the Governor), Joe Rivera (Manager of Broadband Access NJ BPU), India Still (Deputy Executive Director Administration and Finance Atlantic City MUA), Bob Duthaler (President Jersey Access Group), Ken Fellman (President at Kissinger & Fellman, P.C.), & Brian Wahler (Piscataway Township, Mayor).

It was not an accident that the very first residential building Planet Networks lit up with fiber Internet was a 101-unit apartment building where the majority of the units were rent-subsidized.  We were also one of the first companies to sign up for the federal government’s Emergency Broadband Benefit during the pandemic.  This initiative turned into the Affordable Connectivity Program which we have supported and accepted since day one. Providing ubiquitous and affordable Internet is a universal problem that will require all of us to work together toward equity and justice from NJ’s most rural farm roads to our urban centers.  Far too many still lack access to anything resembling reliable Internet service.  Private investments, like those Planet Networks is making with the addition of the federal funds available, when spent wisely can ensure access for all.  If you live in NJ and haven’t already taken it, please take the NJ broadband assessment: