by George Fairfield, JAG Awards Committee, Chair



December; what a wonderful time of the year; the winter solstice; the music; the lights; the food; and most importantly, everybody gathering together, sharing good tidings, warm embraces, and hunkering down around a video monitor agonizing over what to choose for the JAG Awards.

JAG Membership Benefits

by Stephanie Gibbons, Membership Chair

When one thinks of the Membership Committee, it may be as the group that takes in information about a new member, welcomes them and helps them get acquainted with JAG as an organization.  Or you may think of us as that irritating committee that pesters you to fill out a membership survey.  But the Membership Committee is much more than that.  This committee is continually looking at JAG from the member’s point of view… why did you join JAG? Are you getting the most out of your membership?  Are there other benefits you need or want?  So the committee recently when back to the drawing board as to the membership categories we offer and what is most valuable to each of the types of membership.

An Exciting Night at the JAG Awards

By George Fairfield, JAG Awards Committee, Chair

The curtain has come down on another JAG Awards season.  On behalf of JAG and the Awards Committee, I congratulate everyone; not only all the Award of Excellence, Distinction, & Recognition winners, but also ALL those who entered even just one program into the JAG Awards.  These days it is not easy for a PEG station, a Non-profit, or an Independent Producer to create a program.  We all have budgets to navigate through; we all have to maneuver through the different agendas along our paths; and let us not forget how we all must constantly pilot through the obstacles the pandemic keeps throwing into our way.  Nevertheless, with all this and more swirling around, our PEG community produced and entered into the JAG Awards Competition some of the most diverse programs ever.  AND we had some of the most diversity among the winners than I can recall.

The Power, Lure, and Magic of Numbers

by Linda Besink, Finance Committee, Chair

What do Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, and Kenny G have in common?

Each either studied or have a degree in Accounting.  Jagger studied Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics on a scholarship.  Plant dabbled in accountancy for a few weeks before choosing to study music, but that he considered it at all is not widely known.  And Kenny G holds a degree in Accounting from the University of Washington.

Each and every corporation, including nonprofits like JAG, needs to have a commitment to accounting and place someone in a Treasurer role.  I have filled this role since late 2017 and remain honored to do so.  I do enjoy being a “bean counter.”

Accomplishment of the External Relations Committee

  Geoffery Belinfante, Chair

One of the things that keeps my hard-working colleagues on the committee very busy is the coordination of this very newsletter.  We hope to publish articles that are of interest to our municipal and community channels as well as our independent producers and nonprofit members.  Making the newsletter a valuable source of information is a very high priority for the External Relations Committee. This past year, thanks to our managing director Rich Desimone and committee member Doug Seidel, we redesigned the look of the newsletter and changed the way it is distributed.  We currently enjoy a particularly high open rate which hopefully means we are creating something of real value to our members. Recently, we sent a survey to all those who receive the newsletter asking for their input so we can make it better.  Please fill out the survey and let us know your thoughts!  We are continually looking for ways to make it more valuable and informative.  The survey is one way we can ensure that it is something you can look forward to receiving each month.