JAG’s Annual Conference Taking Shape – 2024

by Geoffrey Belinfante, Conference Committee, Vice Chair

Just like a fine red wine that gets better as it breaths, JAG’s conference gets better and better as the plans mature.  Okay, okay, perhaps the analogy is a bit over the top, but indulge me. Your conference committee has been working diligently to assemble a series of workshops that will make this year’s conference special—no matter what your interests. The wine has been breathing since the last article. Sessions are in three categories. Here’s a preview:


  • Understanding Franchising and What to Know When Renegotiating

If you are interested in legislation and the comings and goings in Washington, DC, there are several panels that are right for you. We have assembled a knowledgeable panel to keep you up to date on the latest trends in cable franchise agreements from around the country. If you’re facing an upcoming negotiation or if you just want to keep up on the latest trends, you won’t want to miss this panel. It discusses the kinds of things you can negotiate in your next franchise agreement.

  • ADA Compliance: Updates on the DOJ Rulings and Closed Captioning for Municipal Websites and PEG Channels 

Closed captioning is a hot topic. You might have to close caption all your municipal programs in the very near future. So, you won’t want to miss our panel on when and how to comply with the American’s with Disabilities Act. There’s a new initiative, not from the FCC, but from the Justice Department, that may compel you to act faster than you think.

  • Why PEG Stations Should Care About Broadband Deployment 

Finally, our luncheon program focuses on broadband and what it means for the future of the cable industry in general and the future of PEG distribution. This discussion focuses on the state of broadband deployment in New Jersey, and why you, as a JAG member/station operator should care about it. Learn about funds that might available from the grants that your municipality receives to cover the cost of over-the-top delivery of your station.

Programming and Management

  • Beyond Cable: New Ways to Communicate w/your Citizens 

If your interests go more towards programming and station management, we have workshops for you. The committee has assembled a group of station people to discuss new ways to reach your citizens.  If you have overall responsibility of communicating, motivating and inspiring your residents, you won’t want to miss this one.

  • How to Conduct a Great Interview: Interviewing Skills and Tips 

The key to much of the programming that we produce is getting great information from interview subjects. Once again, we will present a panel of professionals offering tips on interviewing techniques to help you hone your interviewing skills.

  • Understanding the Elements of Storytelling

Related to interviewing technique is the art of storytelling. How do you identify, research, shoot and edit a compelling story that is informative and entertaining. There are two Understanding the Elements of Storytelling sessions presented by seasoned professionals that can help you improve programming quality on your station. 

  • New Programming Ideas for PEG stations

Finally, many of our members have the responsibility of generating new and interesting programs that will keep viewers entertained and informed about their communities, but finding new ideas can be challenging. A panel of some of JAG’s more prolific program producers share their insight into where to find new stories in your community that you may have overlooked.


  • Closed Captioning – Easy Solutions and Cost Considerations to Make it Happen  

If you have interest in new developments in technology then there are panels for you too.  Perhaps you have heard about or attended a closed caption panel and now you have to figure out what you’re going to do when your town is required to comply. Here is a panel which will explain the options available to you, the pricing, and the technology that you can choose.

  • Less Gear and Better Production 

Are you tired of shlepping heavy lighting equipment around for location shoots, then don’t miss our panel on the latest trends in location lighting. Your back, legs, knees and shoulders will thank you.

  • Real-Time Video Updates and Information During Critical Situations

Finally, there is an important panel that discusses technology from LiveU that allows all PEG channels to easily interface with your Office of Emergency Management (OEM) when there is important information that must get to your residents immediately. In fact, you should consider inviting the people who run the OEM in your town. This free session is for all OEM, police and fire officials.

So, if you take all this interesting programming, the opportunity to speak with some of our valuable organizational partners, the chance to attend user groups, then add plenty of time to network with your colleague, you’ve got another exciting conference to look forward to.

Add the JAG Banquet and JAG Awards as your evening activity and there is a full day of information, networking, and entertainment.  Mark your calendars now: May 16 at the Crowne Plaza in Edition.

All of us on the committee hope you can attend.

Registration is now open at  Shop – JAG Conference

For more information, check out the conference tab on our website, jagonline.org/conference or log on to www.jagconference.com. Be sure to check back often to follow additions to the schedule. New events and sessions are being added all the time.

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