Equipment Donation to JAG

by   Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager

At JAG’s last general meeting on April 27th RUSHWORKS provided a vendor presentation that included discussion about their A-LIST Streamster.  When he completed his presentation Rush Beesley, President of RUSHWORKS, announced the donation of a Streamster to JAG.

The A-LIST Streamster is an Internet appliance for scheduling and playback of files and live passthrough. It provides a host of powerful but simple-to-use features and functions that make you the Master of your Internet mediacasting. This is the perfect solution for managing and streaming your own Internet TV station, featuring NDI and streaming input and output. It includes the latest generation i9 processor, 16GB of memory, a 256GB NVMe boot drive, a 1TB SSD storage drive, and keyboard mouse and monitor. It runs on Windows 10.

Many of our members have content distribution servers that they use to distribute their programing to various cable providers.  This is great for towns that use franchise fees toward PEG channels, but what about areas that do not have such funding?  The Streamster gives towns, organizations or individuals without cable channels a way to create a streaming channel.  It has a built in encoder that allows you to stream a channel directly to YouTube, Facebook or Restream.

While this seems to be a great tool for communication, JAG looked at the possibility of using the Streamster as a marketing tool.  There is a great marketing potential for JAG with the addition of the Streamster.  We basically can create a 24/7 internet based channel for JAG, extending the reach of the JAG brand.  This will also help show towns without a franchise agreement how they can reach their residents, with a real life local example.

Last month we launched our new newsletter focusing on JAG’s shift in focus to be more inclusive of content development and distribution.  With this change we have circulated our newsletter beyond JAG’s membership to equipment manufacturers and video producers.  The addition of a streaming channel provides further opportunities to market JAG.

JAG has already installed the Streamster and is evaluating its operation.  Keeping labor to a minimum is important for this to work for JAG. It has a simple and clean interface to work with.  Just drag content, including clips, graphics and lower-thirds from the File Browser into the playlist.  Some specific features include branding with our logo, text crawls and the ability to click the AUTO-LOOP button to play continually looping content from folders and sub-folders.  We have already found that it is simple to schedule and can be operated remotely. 

JAG is exploring posting much of JAG’s video library into the schedule, promoting events and evaluating inclusion for our members.  We are also evaluating the streaming platforms that are available and the procedures and costs related to distributing the JAG Channel. JAG is excited to partner with RUSHWORKS in our new marketing opportunities.