President’s Message May, 2022

by Bob Duthaler

You Don’t Want to Miss This One, and JAG Can’t Afford You To!

Have you even driven down a block, come to the street you were looking for, only to find out it is a one-way and the place you were looking for is in the other direction?  This caused you to have to circle back to find another route.  Other times you might have been using a GPS system only to find out it has taken you down a street with no outlet, and the place you want is just on the other side of the dead end.  So, what does this have to do with JAG?  Ultimately nothing, other than to say that the JAG Membership and Organization relationship is like a two-way street.  Sometimes to get the most out of something you need to give something back.

There are several ways this two-way street works.  One that you can probably think of right away is that you pay for your membership and you get something back.  Well, to be honest, you get a lot of things back.  You can participate in monthly meetings, access the members only section of the JAG website, use the email list serve to ask members questions or even gain access to programs through the JAG Connect Sever.  You can even take it to the next level and get involved with the many committees and sub-committees JAG has to offer.  These are just some of the many benefits your membership gets you.  I urge you, if you not already doing it, please take advantage of each one.

Then there are times when something great comes along — that asks you to minimally get involved — that ultimately will pay great dividends both to you and the organization as a whole.  Well, that time is now, and that “thing” is our annual conference.  If you are not familiar, it’s better known as the Eastern Video Expo and Conference.  This year our conference is going to be a hybrid experience, offering both an in-person trade show along with two days of virtual conference sessions. Visit the special website for this conference at:  

So, what is the ask?  What do I get in return?  How does this benefit me?  How does it benefit the organization?  I will tackle these questions during the next few paragraphs.  My goal is to get you to register for the conference after you are done reading all this.  I will give you a chance right now to stop reading this article and just go directly to the goal — conference registration.  Are you ready to do that?  Then click this link now:

Still need convincing?  Read on. Let’s break it down.  What is the ask?  It’s the cost of your registration fee.  You have paid between $250-350 in the past for our three-day conference.  This included trade show, conference sessions, meals, awards show and more.  Throw in the cost of perhaps staying at the hotel for two or three days at $185 a night.  We all did it, because we understood the value of the conference, what we got out of it and the importance of keeping on top of industry trends.  Now all this is possible again this year, but because of the generous support of our vendors and sponsors, the

registration fee is only $35.  That’s right, I did not leave out a zero, it’s only $35.  Hotel room rates are only $109 per night.  If you are sold already, then click this link now:  

What do I get out of this?  This is not a selfish question, but rather an important one.  You should always ask that question.  I am happy to tell you what you do get.  You get the ability to discover the latest technology at our trade show.  Interact with vendors who are there to help you get the most out of your station, through the products available, special presentations and user’s groups.  You have access to two days of conference sessions that tackle operational, production and legislative matters.  These are designed to advance your knowledge in the industry in which we all work. Finally, you can network, interact, and trade knowledge with others in our industry in a more relaxed atmosphere.  Again, if you are sold already, stop reading and click this link now:   Still looking for more…

How does this benefit me?  A good portion of that question was answered in the previous paragraph.  But ultimately, the educational experience you get out of our conference is a huge benefit.  Coming off the heels of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) annual conference, the Eastern Video Expo is one of the first events that continue to show all the latest technology after being introduced at NAB.  Staying on top of the latest technology, especially the items that are geared for PEG stations and independent producers, is important.  The educational experience you get from our trade show and conference sessions are all geared to help you run a more efficient, creative, and expansive station that benefits your municipality.  Final chance to stop reading and register now: click this link now:   You always wanted to read this to the end, first I thank you and second, I will conclude with this … How does this benefit the organization?  This might be the most important question of all.  This is the one that ties back to the beginning of this article and the two-way street.  We are giving you everything you need to learn, see, and use to enhance your ability to produce and operate in this industry.  Our vendors have all stepped in to participate and sponsor this event to keep the costs down for you.  All we ask is that you register and attend.  Your appearance shows our vendors and sponsors that their financial contribution to our organization is warranted.  The funds generated from our annual conference is the main source of funding for the operation of our organization.  It allows us to keep membership rates down, engage in legislative issues, train our members throughout the year and much more.  I hope that at this point you are sold and understand the importance of our JAG Member and Organization two-way street, give and take.  Please take the final steps and click the link and register now for our conference: