Enhancing Your Programming with Music

By Joel Feinberg, Chief Executive Officer, de Wolfe Music USA Inc.

De Wolfe Music was founded in 1909 by Meyer de Wolfe.  Now at 113 years old, we are a full-service music company offering a production music library, custom composition, sound effects, and commercial music clearance services.  Although the company is still independent and family-run, de Wolfe has achieved worldwide recognition and our music can be heard in countless films, TV shows, advertisements, and more.

The main attraction is our production music library, which contains a broad collection of over 100,000 tracks. Instead of aggregating existing recordings by random composers, de Wolfe works with a close-knit circle of full-time composers and is directly involved from composition to recording, mixing and mastering.  Both sides of our music (composition and master) are 100% owned and pre-cleared for licensing. By maintaining exclusive control of our compositions and master recordings, we make the licensing process 1-stop, quick and easy.  

We release 40-50 new albums every year, guaranteeing a fresh, contemporary sound within a multitude of genres.  We strive to stay on top of the hottest music trends and those that would lend themselves perfectly for synchronization.  Our in-house music specialists are available to provide music search assistance with lightning-fast results. 

Our Labels

Creative and musically diverse, the production music label that started it all, covering most musical genres, with over 600 albums and tens of thousands of tracks.
Tracks ideal for rock, sports, news and business all with a North American focus.
De Wolfe is proud to be working with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and releasing their recordings of the world’s greatest classical music.
A unique collection of the very best jazz available for licensing. From ragtime to jazz hop, and everything in between
Made-to-measure music that’s ideal for radio ads, jingles and voice-overs, all cut to handy 60, 30 and 15 second lengths.
Our LP – back-catalog lovingly remastered. Old favorites, cult classics and music hard to find anywhere else
A special collection of our authentic vintage  recordings remastered from our prized vaults. Each album focuses on a particular era. Perfect for time period productions.
Recorded between 1960 and 1974, the albums on Sylvester cover everything from avantgarde and music concrete, to French jazz and easy listening.
The little production music library that’s a lot different. Hudson offers tracks that are quirky, fun and diverse: from easy listening and lounge to styles and musical clichés.
Rouge catalog showcases our commercial composers at their best. The specialty series ‘The History of Jazz’ features some of the outstanding musicians on the jazz scene.
The Rouge Music Library was created in the 1970s and includes a wealth of Disco, Sports, Jazz and Drama. All of these LP’s are now available re-mastered.
Synctracks covers a broad range of popular styles and genres as well as some experimental tracks for those who consider themselves adventurous.
Bridges the gap between commercial music and the ease of licensing of production music. Bite Hard brings authenticity and commercial production values to promos, trailers, TV shows and movies.

Music Licensing

We offer a wide array of music licensing options which can be tailored to the needs of any single or series of productions.

Needle Drop: per use within a single production

Production Blanket: unlimited use within a single production

Series Blanket: unlimited usage throughout a series of related productions

Theme Use: unlimited use of one (1) track for a period of one (1) year

Annual Subscription: unlimited use of a portion or the whole library for a period of 1, 2, or 3 years.


Our licensing fees are calculated based upon the type of production, clearances required, territory, and term. Please contact us for a quote at team@dewolfemusic.com

To learn more, we will be speaking at JAG’s general meeting on December 7th at 12:12pm via Zoom.