PTZ cameras: NDI, HDBaseT, SDI and HDMI

by Marvin Charyn, Director of Broadcast Sales, G&G Technologies

I have about 50 years experience in this industry. Engineering, sales and designing systems.

I graduated from Voorhees Technical Institute which is now a part of Hunter College and continued my education at New York Institute of Technology.

G&G Technologies has been in business for over 34 years. If you go to G&G Technologies website  you will find that we are an authorized dealer for over 100 manufacturers.

I am now starting my 11th year at G&G Technologies as the Director of Broadcast Sales.

I will be presenting at JAG’s Sept. 28 meeting.  The main topic will be PTZ Cameras, discussing all phases of this particular type of camera such as NDI, HDBaseT, SDI and HDMI.  PTZ camera systems are now starting to take over the industry.  Most camera manufacturers are now adding this type of camera to their line of products.  Municipalities, Courts, Houses of Worship and Schools are now replacing their current camera systems with PTZ cameras.  Today all 30 Major League Stadiums have Panasonic Outdoor PTZ cameras installed.

In addition to selling individual items, we also design systems and do On-Site Surveys.  G&G also offers equipment rentals with various cameras, intercom systems, lighting packages, etc.

Two of the PTZ cameras I will talk about are the Panasonic AW-HE42K and the JVC KY-PZ200NBU.

The AW-HE42K is a full HD camera with an integrated rotating base equipped with 3G-SDI and a variety of other output connectors. The four types of output interfaces and the genlock function support smooth large-scale shooting with multiple cameras. The camera is perfect for a wide range of environments, from recording and broadcast of lectures, to live streaming at concerts and other events.


JVC’s new HD KY-PZ200N cameras provide optimal streaming image quality and performance for remote production over the internet and is equipped with NDI®|HX and SRT streaming, H.265/H.264/MJPEG encoding, and VITC (Vertical Interval Timecode) multi-camera synchronization technologies.

G&G will be presenting at the September 28, JAG General Meeting via Zoom.