ENCO Systems- Continuous Access Realtime Translation

by Bill Bennett, Media Solutions & Accounts Manager

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Your municipality’s broadcasts are key to informing your residents about what matters in their community, and ENCO has products that make your content more accessible to a broader audience with economical, automated Closed Captions and in-room CART displays.  We can also help make your productions and playout more reliable via our acquisition of RUSHWORKS, a world-class computer-based video production and playout maker.  All this is available via a single, consolidated package with unified US-based support.

You probably know Closed Captions bring meeting accessibility for people with hearing loss, helping them to access and understand video content.  This includes people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have auditory processing challenges.  They also improve comprehension for everyone, as many people like to watch captions even though they can clearly hear the words as captions help confirm what they think they heard. And with as many technical and legal matters as your meetings often have, viewers may learn better how to spell the words too.A computer monitor with a screen showing a group of people on it

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These days captions are for more than just inserting into a broadcast signal, they can also be viewed on large video screens inside your meeting room (often called CART: Continuous Access Realtime Translation), and can be viewed live on websites too.  Plus, ENCO’s enCaption platform also saves everything it captions to plain-text transcripts and sidecar files (used for video editing or subsequent playout). 

Transcripts are essential in any meeting environment, they are helpful to back up whatever minutes your secretary may be drafting, and can help them review and confirm what was said later on, to help ensure their own accuracy.  Further, since the transcripts are time-coded, you can easily find exactly where in a captioned, recorded video certain words were mentioned, which helps everyone find what they need more quickly.

ENCO’s enCaption system is entirely on-prem, meaning no Internet is needed for operation.  And it supports customizable word libraries where you can add presenter names, jargon, and other uniquely spelled words.  Plus, once you use ENCO enCaption, you have the base for ENCO enTranslate – it’s live, real-time translation system.  Just imagine – your viewers can see English captions on one CC channel, and another language on another.  Talk about access for all!

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We also have our new RUSHWORKS computer-based video production and playout software applications, designed to enable simple, live multi-camera meetings with an intuitive user interface (capable of both automatic and manual camera switching), as well as software made for multi-channel cable and stream channel programming, where you can build automated and live playlists for weeks in advance, with fail-safes to always make sure something is on the air. Media technology keeps evolving, so when you can find a single vendor to support all your meeting production, broadcast and accessibility needs, the sooner you’ll be on your way to a reliable, accessible broadcast network.
ENCO will do a presentation at the next JAG General (ZOOM) Meeting, Dec. 13, 2023 at 12 Noon.