Social Media Stats – August, 2021

 by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Committee

Doug Seidel

I have been busy updating our website, this is going to be a big improvement.  I won’t spoil all of the surprises but you will notice the change when you see it.  This update will fix some issues like the slideshow on the homepage, and improve the formatting of things like the logos for our organizational members.  Things will fit better on the pages and links to other pages will be easier to find.  I am pretty excited about this update (especially because it will make my life easier to update the site) and hope to share the site with you all sometime in September!  In the meantime if there is anything you want to see improved on the website, or if you have updated information about your content on the website (i.e. station address, contact e-mail) send that information to so we can make this site even better. 

Jersey Access Group


Do not forget to check out our YouTube channel  Have something you want on our YouTube channel?  Send a link to  for review. 

New Content:   

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