Social Media Stats: September 2021 Based on Last 30 Days

by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Committee

3..2..1..Launch. The brand new is live! You should notice some changes right away when you visit the website. If you were familiar with the site before you should have no trouble finding what you need, the main navigation has stayed the same. A huge difference is that things are a bit more organized. Since the site has been around for a while, we had a good amount of information and now it is just archived so it looks cleaner. We also were able to add some plug ins that make the site look more modern – notice the difference in the old and new directions pages.

Take some time and look over the site.  Big changes to our member lists and executive board members page.  The articles also look better with the update, so you can have a better reading experience while visiting the site.  I am sure you will agree that the site looks much better and information is easier to find.

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New Content:   Mayor’s Summer Concert: The Infernos – WoodbridgeTV   Aging Insights 119 – NJAAW

NEW CONTENT ON WEBSITE- We have now posted 24 programs from the Eastern Video Expo events to the members only section of our website.  To view the video content links below, you need a members only password.  for the password.

Lighting isn’t for exposure – it’s for communication: Dave Landau, Cinematographer, lighting director Sponsored by DeSisti

Storytelling from Concept to Completion: Joe Lavine, Emmy award winning director/producer and Ouisie Shapiro, Emmy award-winning writer/producer

Interviewing Techniques: Budd Mishkin, Broadcast Journalist and William Weinbaum, digital journalist and producer ESPN

Marketing with Social Media: Sabrina Teekah, Producer & Host of “Now or Never” and Cyd Katz, Founder/CEO New Jersey Isn’t Boring

Editing Techniques in Storytelling: Joshua Vorensky, Emmy-Award Winning Associate Producer with ESPN Paul Moessl, Film and TV Composer and Diego Martini, Emmy Award Winning Editor at ESPN

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