President’s Message: May 2024 All Your Membership Benefits, In One Day!!

by Bob Duthaler

There are many reasons to be a Jersey Access Group member. You can interact with members who do the same job as you, access special group pricing from JAG organizational members, participate in face-to-face networking and educational and interactive sessions. While these are available to JAG members all year, what if you could access all that in just one day? Wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Well, you can at the JAG Conference on Thursday May 16 and you still have time to register.

This event has it all! Educational and training sessions, vendors on hand demonstrating some of the latest gear and services, networking with vendors and other members, and an evening awards show that highlights all the great programming created by member stations throughout the state.

JAG works hard to put this conference on each year. The goal is to educate and inform our members. Our vendors to provide access to the latest gear, so our members can see, touch and learn. Our vendors also host special user groups that allow JAG members to get the most out of the products they use, educate members on software updates and provide tips to make your operation more successful.

JAG works with its partners in New Jersey and nationally to bring you important information throughout the day at the conference. Find out about the latest on Capitol Hill, get operational insights to help you run your station, learn more about technology updates and video trends. JAG has access to experts from around the country who track recent legislation, explore the latest trends and watch what other stations and cable companies are doing throughout the country. We put together information and education sessions that help our members stay informed!

Want more? How about an evening networking event and banquet that showcases the best of the best. See what stations around the state are doing as they showcase their programming in the annual JAG Video Awards. Join us as we pay tribute to the creativity and hard work our members do throughout the year. Members compete to see who is the best of the best in over 20 different categories. Come cheer them on! Be inspired by what other JAG members are creating. This is an incentive to step your game. It’s always a great end to an action-packed day.

If you have not done so already, go to the JAG Conference website at: and register now! If you have already registered, visit the website and explore all the sessions that are planned throughout the day. Plan your schedule and get the most out of this year’s conference. So much is going on throughout the day, bring a friend or co-worker so you can split up and cover all the sessions. Stop what you are doing and register now! I hope to see everyone at this year’s conference. Go to the website now to register and explore this year’s conference: NOTE: If you experiencing financial hardships that might prevent you from attending, reach out to me immediately. There are a limited number of JAG scholarships that will allow you to attend the conference at limited to no-cost. Email me at right now – DO NOT WAIT.