2023 JAG Events

Managers Roundtable- Thursday, September 21st @ 2pm:  Sports Coverage  Listen to representatives from stations who regularly cover sports like the Woodbridge Channels, Piscataway and Bloomfield.  Learn about everything including single camera, multi-camera, live switching with graphics, replay and play-by-play.  We will discuss how you can get started, equipment to use to get best results and even how to setup and prepare to cover sports.  Guests: Gina Forbes, Station Manager, Woodbridge Television; Joe Fernandes, Assistant Manager, Woodbridge Television; Bob Duthaler, President, JAG and Executive Director, Bloomfield Community Television


General Meeting- Wednesday, September 27th @ 12noon (Lunch @ 11:30am):  Varto Technologies, 195 Hackensack St, East Rutherford, NJ; Presentation: Varto Technologies, Yervant Keshishian, Sales Engineer & Technical Director

JAG Webinar- Thursday, October 12th @ 2pm:  Learn the latest on HR 3557 (The American Broadband Act of 2023).  Our panelists will fill you in on what this bill means to Municipal Cable Operations, what can you do to help stop it and where it stands moving forward.  This is your chance to share this invite with your mayor and council, administrators, and others.  Learn the ABCs of HR3557, its impact on local government, the threat to local franchises and much more.  This is a must attend session.  Panelist:  Lisa Allen- Summit Councilwoman, Ward 2; Director Of Constituent Services, Legislative Office of NJ Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz, District 21; Mike Lynch- Legislative & Regulatory Affairs, National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA); Host:  David Garb- Chair, Legislative Committee, Past Vice President & Past President, Jersey Access Group

General Meeting- Wednesday, October 25th @ 12noon (Lunch @ 11:30am):  Newark TV, 1020 Broad Street, Newark, NJ; Presentation: Cologna Productions- NJGOVTV: Revolutionizing PEG Broadcasting with a Difference, Ed Cologna, President

Managers Roundtable- Thursday, November 9th @ 2pm:  Getting An HD Channel  Listen to representatives from stations that already have a HD Channel on their cable system.  How did they get it, what equipment is necessary, and how do they produce HD content?  Learn about local franchising results, systemwide franchising stories and more.  If time permits, we will even discuss cord cutting opportunities including streaming, OTT and more. Guests: TBA

NJLM Conference- Wednesday,November 15th @ 10:45am-12:00pm  Rm 413, Atlantic City Convention Center

Follow the Money: The Sequel (Joint Session with the NJ League) Federal funding is available to ensure broadband access.  Billions of dollars have begun to flow to the states for distribution.  This panel will explore the status of NJ’s broadband deployment program, how municipalities can access the money, and what to do with it once it arrives at the local level. Panelists: Robert Boyle, CEO, Planet Networks; Valarry Bullard, Transparency Officer & Broadband Advisor, Governor’s Office of Disaster Recovery; Bob Duthaler, President, JAG and Station Manager, Bloomfield Township; Joseph Rivera, Manager, Broadband Access, NJ Board of Public Utilities; Kenneth Fellman, Esq., Of Counsel, Helmer, Conley and Kasselman, P.A.

NJLM Conference- Thursday, November 16th @ 9:00am-10:15am, Rm TBA, Atlantic City Convention Center

Using Existing Infrastructure to Enhance Broadband Deployment (Joint Session with the NJ League)  Learn how utilities and municipalities can work together to accelerate broadband deployment for their communities.  Discover strategies, options, and real-world success stories, and learn about the legislative efforts that could assist or hinder these goals.  Panelists: Edward Purcell, Esq., Attorney, Price Meese Shulman and D’Arminio; Robert Boyle, CEO, Planet Networks; Kenneth Fellman, Esq., Of Counsel, Helmer, Conley and Kasselman, P.A.

NJLM Conference- Thursday, November 16th @ 10:45am-12:00pm  Room 409 Atlantic City Convention Center

Municipal Television: It’s Not Just Cable Anymore  This panel will explore the various ways a municipality can communicate with their citizens beyond traditional cable television channels.

Panelists: Geoff Belinfante, TV Commissioner, WM-77, West Milford Township; Bob Duthaler, President, JAG and Station Manager, Bloomfield Township; Gina Forbes, Station Manager, Woodbridge Television; Joe Fernandes, Assistant Manager, Woodbridge Television

General Meeting- Wednesday, December 13th @ 12noon (ZOOM):  Presentation: ENCO Systems, Bill Bennett, Media Solutions & Accounts Manager

JAG Webinar- Thursday, December 21st @ 2pm: ADA Compliance and What Does it Mean for your Station and Township? We will discuss Department of Justice requirements on ADA compliance for local governments, their websites, video streaming and even cable broadcasting. We have heard rumors of closed captioning for years, but this new push may require it sooner than later.  Hear what the experts are saying about it, what you can do now and how to prepare for the next 12 months or less.  Panelists: TBA

Managers Roundtable- Thursday, January 18th @ 2pm:  Beyond the Cable Channel – the social media influence  We will talk about how social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok and X are influencing how people take in media and how stations can capitalize on these trends to create content specifically for these social media outlets.  Learn why you can’t just create long form content for on-air only, and how your station can incorporate these short form videos in to your productions and distribution.  Guests: TBA

General Meeting- Wednesday, January 31st @ 12noon (ZOOM):  Presentation: Cablecast

JAG Webinar- Thursday, February 15th:  Join us as we discuss Broadband and Broadband Deployment.  Fresh off the heels of our presentation at the New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference Sessions, we will recap the session, update people on anything new or pending for the new year.  Broadband deployment and speed impact our streaming reach, streaming options and much more.  Our experts will share their experience and knowledge and help you plan.  Panelists: TBA

General Meeting- Wednesday, February 28th @ 12noon (Lunch @ 11:30am): Bloomfield Community Television, 84 Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ; Presentation: TelVue, Jesse Lerman, President/CEO

Managers Roundtable- Thursday, March 21st @ 2pm:  Cable Committees – Value or a thing of the Past  This is an open and frank discussion on how Cable Advisory Committees and Boards work with stations, their operations, and staff.  Is there value to a cable and advisory boards – what do they bring to the table and are they necessary?  Learn from those who have them, those who are considering putting one together, or those who had committees which are no longer functioning.  Guests: TBA

General Meeting- Wednesday, March 27th @ 12noon (ZOOM):  Presentation: TBA

JAG Webinar- Thursday, April 18th @ 2pm:  TBA

General Meeting- Wednesday, April 24th @ 12noon (Lunch @ 11:30am): Piscataway Community Television, 700 Buena Vista Ave, Piscataway, NJ; Presentation: DeSisti, Paul Distefano, Regional Sales Manager

JAG Conference- Thursday, May 16, 8am-5pm, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rt. 27., Edison, NJ

JAG Awards- Thursday, May 16, 6:30pm-10pm, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rt. 27., Edison, NJ

General Meeting- Wednesday, June 26th @ 12noon (ZOOM): No presentation