The Community Access Preservation Act (CAP) HR-3745:

On October 8 Wisconsin Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin filed the Community Access Preservation Act, which, if enacted, would preserve and protect PEG access channels in four ways.  This bill:

  1. Allows PEG access fees to be used for any PEG-related purposes;
  2. Ends operators’ discriminatory treatment of PEG channels;
  3. Directs the FCC to study and report on the effects recent states’ video franchising legislation has had on PEG access; and
  4. Defines all video services delivered to the home over wire as “cable” for the purposes of the act, regardless of the transmission protocol used.

JAG urges all stations to support this bill and to get their Congressional Legislators behind this.  Here you can find links on the following:

Preserve Community Access Now!

Pass the Community Access Preservation Act – HR 3745, Tammy Baldwin (WI-D), sponsor.

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