JCETV: Origin and present day status of Jersey City’s Educational and Municipal Channels.

My video production experience began in the mid 1980’s when cable television came to Jersey City.  At Seton Hall University in the early 1970’s I was taught filmmaking and television production on the then “portable” 1 inch machines. I also learned a lot about broadcasting and hosting a radio show for three years on the pre-Heavy Metal WSOU.  But the 1980’s arrival of Suburban Cable to the second largest city in New Jersey looked to me like uncharted territory for producing local commercials.

Spotlight Miriam – Producing a Show During Covid

by Miriam Rosenberg, Independent Producer

My name is Miriam Rosenberg and I am an independent producer, and the writer and host of Sing-a-Long with Miss Miriam which I produce in cooperation with the staff at HTTV in Summit.  I have been producing and airing a children’s show with HTTV for about 5 years now.  I currently have 19 episodes on the JAG TelVue server, and 52 stations have picked up the shows.

The themes include: Caring for our Planet, Planets, Courage, Spring, Magic, Puppetry, Science, Positivity, Kindness, Sports, Living Your Dreams, Trying New Things, Teamwork, Learning Popular Songs with Acting a Part, Diversity, Therapy Horses, and a Mr. Rogers tribute.  Each show has a unique theme, a featured craft, an interesting guest, an original song and story time.  It’s aimed at children from three to eight years old.

Spotlight: Fanwood Dealing with the Pandemic

by Eddy Cologna, Fanwood Television

I have been working with the Borough of Fanwood for several years.  Towards the end of 2019 when China was in lockdown and we in America weren’t even dreaming of such a thing, the Borough was upgrading their sound system in the Council Chambers and looking into a multiple camera remote system.  The purchase has been moving slowly due to the pandemic.

Fast forward a few months to February 2020, the Mayor of Fanwood, Colleen Mahr, and some health officials had a 4 camera shoot about the dangers of Covid, and what could happen.  All this was shot in person, with some social distancing but no masks because the information was confusing, even for health officials.  Not long after that, the lockdown occurs.  Masks were required, social distancing enforced and only essential personnel were allowed to physically come to work in borough hall.

Fair Lawn Spotlight: Transition from Analog to Digital

by Dimitry Mikhaylov, Vice President, Fair Lawn Television

We in Fair Lawn were just dreaming to switch our old analog plant to digital. In fact, the digital upgrade didn’t begin until 2019 when our old Leightronix server was suddenly dead, and we got a chance to replace all our outdated equipment at once. As late as 2019 seems, there are some surprising advantages to coming late to a new technology. Digital workflow was a mature, robust system that was adopted by broadcasters at every level, and we had the advantage of learning from all those who were on the bleeding edge of adoption.

Member Spotlight: The New Post-Pandemic Normal Or You Want Us to Do What??

by Cindy Hahn, Executive Director, C-NET

Cindy Hahn

Here’s my big confession: I do not like technology.  I don’t trust it, I don’t enjoy it, and I generally believe that things work better without it.  But I am running a PEG organization…..so I naturally deal with it.

Things were going just swimmingly at C-NET prior to March of 2020. Our tiny staff and crew of Penn State interns were traveling around the County with cameras, microphones and an array of other equipment to cover the meetings of sixteen different entities — Seven municipalities, two school districts, the County government, a regional Council of Governments, three regional Authorities, the local Library and Penn State.  We produced over 500 programs in 2019.

Designed to be a professional production space

By Adam Goldberg, Chief Engineer, Broadcast and Media Operations, College of the Arts, Montclair State

The School of Communication and Media Building (SCM) on the campus of Montclair State University opened in September of 2017.  Designed to be a professional production space for the school’s TV, Film, Radio, and communications programs, the building hosts a variety of productions spaces. 

Spotlight on Old Bridge TV Addressing New Issues During the Pandemic

by Mary Granahan, Station Manager OBTV Old Bridge Township has over 65,000 residents and our municipal access station, OBTV, is working to keep them informed and engaged through our programming and social media content. While our local channels OBTV15 (Optimum) and FIOS 22 are only available in Old Bridge, our content isaccessible to everyone on …