Committee Reports November 2021

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Bob Duthaler (Chair) Dave Garb (Vice Chair))

The board is taking a more proactive role in some key areas that JAG will be focusing on over the next year.  This will include increasing JAG’s relationships with state and national legislators, marketing strategy, membership, and value to our members.  The work necessary will be the responsibility of all of JAG’s committees and will need to be coordinated through the Leadership Development Committee.  This is a large undertaking and is only possible because the committees have shown the ability to take on components of these projects.  There is also a need for committees to work internally to increase membership involvement and cultivate leadership.

FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Linda Besink (Chair), OPEN (Vice Chair)

The Finance Committee has begun the 2022 budget process.  We look forward to member renewals next year.  Invoices for 2022 dues will be sent out shortly as well.  The Finance Committee can always use another pair of eyes – no accounting background is required.  If you’d like to serve on the Finance Committee, please email Treasurer Linda Besink at .

PRODUCTION COMMITTEE:  Lee Beckerman (Chair), Anthony Pagliuco (Vice Chair)

(No report provided)

EXTERNAL RELATIONS COMMITTEE:  Geoffrey Belinfante (Chair), Dustin Dumas (Vice Chair)

As we continue to grow JAG as an organization, we on the External Relations Committee find ourselves in need of help.  As we continue to improve our Newsletter, we are looking for input from you, the members, on ways to make it more valuable.  Soon you will receive a survey that will give you a chance to tell us what you like and what you don’t like about the Newsletter.  Please take the time to complete it because it’s the only way we know if we are servicing your needs or providing you with information that you find valuable.  Of course, this input is just the beginning.  We need people to write articles, submit technical contributions and help with new content from nonprofits and independent producers.  If you would like to join the team, please let me know—Geoff Belinfante External Relations Chair at

Legislation Committee:  Dave Garb (Chair), Linda Besink (Vice Chair)

The Legislative Committee strives to keep up with new and pending legislation on both the federal and state levels.  When circumstances warrant, this committee solicits the aid of legislators who we believe can either help to enact laws favorable to PEG or to fight against those that could hurt us and our cause.  What usually happens is a lot of quiet, and then it’s “crunch time” if/when a bill appears that needs our attention and focus.  We keep in touch with all our elected officials in order to remind them of who JAG is and that we are there for them as well.  It can be quite rewarding when our efforts are not in vain.  We always welcome JAG members on our committee.  We meet monthly, with possible additional meetings as the needs sometimes quickly unfold.

Membership Committee:  Stephanie Gibbons (Chair), Darryl Love (Vice Chair)

We want to welcome George Fairfield as the new Vice Chair of this committee and thank him for taking on the position. We would like to welcome our newest independent members MOTL-Laurie Jenseen & Steve Kaiser and want to welcome back the South River.

We want to make sure you are getting the most of your member benefits so please let us know if you are not getting information from the listserv, newsletter, access to the member’s only section of the website and access to the Connect server for sharing content.  Please contact me at:

Leadership Development Committee:  Dave Garb (Chair), Doug Seidel (Vice Chair)

One of the objectives of the Leadership Development Committee is to reach out to you, our members, to discuss the importance of joining one of our other very active committees and bringing your experience and skills to help JAG to grow and be the voice and face of New Jersey’s PEG community.  The Leadership Development Committee also focuses on the development and promotion of JAG by reinventing our marketing strategies and social media platforms.  The leadership from JAG’s other committees make up this committee, as well as those individuals that are skilled and knowledgeable in areas that are needed to make this committee shine.  We aid and work with all of our committees in order for them to achieve their individual goals.

JAG Awards Committee:  George Fairfield (Chairs), Ronni Garrett (Vice Chair)

Have you checked out the new pages for the 2021 JAG Awards on our new website? 

No?  Then click here:

In an effort to increase ways JAG “honors excellence in local & regional Public Education Government (PEG) cablecast programming”, the JAG Awards Committee has adopted an adjudication process.

Since all of the entries are already judged on specific criteria resulting in a specific score, the committee decided to use this score to award each entry one of the following awards.

1.             Award of Excellence (76 to 100% of the maximum score)

2.             Award of Distinction                            (51 to 75% of the maximum score)

3.             Award of Recognition                         (25 to 50% of the maximum score)

Then the highest scoring entry in each of the 15 different categories will be awarded as follows:

1.             High Score of Each Category

2.             High Score             Independent

3.             High Score             Non-profit

4.             High Score             Student 

Reminder:  the JAG AWARDS will open for submissions beginning on January 1st. 

Conference Committee:  Bob Duthaler/ Geoffrey Belinfante (Co-Chair) George Fairfield (Vice Chair)

The Conference Committee is pleased to announce that the Eastern Video Expo 2022 will be a hybrid in person and online event.  Save the date for Tuesday, May 23- Thursday, May 25, 2022. 

We plan on holding a Vendor Trade Show during the day on Wednesday, May 24 and the JAG Awards during the evening.  More details including location will be announced in December.  Please check the conference website in the upcoming weeks for more information…

On both Tuesday and Thursday surrounding the trade show there will be virtual conference sessions.  We believe this hybrid method will allow for the hands-on demonstrations from the vendors we have all come to love, along with the simplicity of attending online workshops from our office that will allow us to continue to learn without having to leave the office or the expense of multiple nights at a hotel.

Wednesday evening will allow JAG members to celebrate each other with our annual awards show, network and enjoy a good meal.  This event helps to break up the online learning and allow us to gather.  Please mark your calendars now, let your staff & crew know, and make plans to attend the Easter Video Expo 2022:  May 23, 24 and 25!