Committees Corner February 2021

Standing Committee Reports

EXTERNAL RELATIONS COMMITTEE: Geoffrey Belinfante (Chair), Dustin Dumas (Vice Chair)
This month the External Relations committee has spent quite a lot of time working on improving the website. Look for new features in the members only section with the addition of documents on improving your profile on Social Media and Technical papers on topics like Best Practices for organizing Zoom meetings, and the lasting impact of the health crisis on the way we create television. In addition, you will find that the JAG Awards section is now fully operational for those who wish to submit an entry. The archives have also been updated to include the minutes from 2019 and 2020. Our goal is to make the website more valuable to all JAG members.
The newsletter continues to provide valuable content to our members. Next month we will be launching a new page focusing on our Independent Members. Dustin Dumas will be providing an article quarterly. We are also posting all of the Social Media Support and Tech Talk articles in a library in the Members Only section of the web site.
You may also notice a new layout of the email announcing the availability of the newsletter. It is designed to provide you with a preview of what is in each issue and an easy link button to the full newsletter on our web site.
Finally, we urge you to add videos to our new YouTube Channel. See the article in this month’s newsletter for details. Your feedback is always welcome, and your input as a member of the External Relations Committee would be appreciated. If you are interested in helping, please let me know–Geoff Belinfante

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Linda Besink (Chairs), Jeff Arban (Vice Chair)
Thanks to all who have sent their dues already. If you need your dues invoice re-sent please email Treasurer Linda Besink at Also, each JAG member is asked to please consider joining the Finance Committee. If you have just a half-hour each month to spare, you can help keep our financial processes transparent and actively participate in applying best practices.
Our meetings are now virtual (they had always been call-in, and you can still call in) so there is never any travel involved. Email the Treasurer if you have even a passing interest. Being a member indicates that you care about JAG as an organization and believe in its Mission. Going over each month’s financial reports with the Committee is an informative, vital process for the continued success of JAG. Please join us!

PRODUCTION COMMITTEE: Lee Beckerman (Chair), Anthony Pagliuco (Vice Chair)
The Production committee did not meet this month due to other obligations. We will resume with our agenda beginning in March.
The JAG YouTube channel, a joint venture between the Production Committee and the External Relations Committee has gone LIVE this month. You can check it out at
Please subscribe and think about uploading some content by sending a YouTube link to . The Video will then be added to the featured videos playlist.
If you station has a YouTube channel please send a link to Doug at Piscataway so it can be added to our members list on the channel homepage.
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AD HOC Committees Reports

Legislation Committee: Dave Garb (Chair), Linda Besink (Vice Chair)
The FCC now has a new acting chairwoman in Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel. She is a big supporter of 1st media rights. There is a small opportunity to have the 621 Order re-looked at, but this won’t come until after President Biden nominates a new commissioner to the board. At that time, the FCC will swing to 3-2 in our favor.
Senator Cantwell of Washington is supposed to be on the Commerce Committee and Senator Markey of Massachusetts may stay on the Communications Sub-Committee. Both are supporters of PEG, with Senator Markey being the stronger supporter.
As far as the “Protecting Community Television” Act is concerned. Representative Eshoo of California and Senator Markey will be reintroducing their bills in the coming months. In the meantime, the Legislative Committee will be reaching out again to our Federal Representatives to let them know to keep an eye out for them.
As always, the Legislative Committee constantly needs your eyes, ears, thoughts and contacts in order to keep PEG fresh in the minds of all of our lawmakers. For further information on our work, or if you would like to join our committee, please contact me.

Membership Committee: Stephanie Gibbons (Chair), Darryl Love (Vice Chair)
We have interviewed 30% of JAG members for the member questionnaire project. We hope to complete it at the end of the month. So far the responses have given the committee great insight to the needs of the members. If you have not received a phone call or email about this effort, please reach out to me at .
We would like to welcome back George Bumiller as the latest member of the committee. Please consider joining the membership committee. Our next meeting is scheduled for Mar. 2. If you are interested, please contact Darryl Love at or Stephanie Gibbons at

Leadership Development Committee: Dave Garb (Chair), Doug Seidel (Vice Chair)
Our Committee’s main objective is focusing on the development and promotion of JAG by re-creating our marketing strategies. We will be utilizing social media to its fullest potential in order to aid all of JAG’s other committees in achieving their individual goals.
Chairs and/or Vice Chairs from their respective committees make up the Leadership Development Committee (LDC), as well as those individuals that are skilled and knowledgeable in areas that are needed to make the LDC successful.
To better serve the wishes of our membership, we will look back at our by-laws and policy and procedures, to make certain your needs are met.
One of our continuing objectives will be to reach out to all of our members to discuss the importance of joining one of our committees and bringing your skills to the effort to help JAG grow and continue to be the voice of the New Jersey PEG community.

JAG Awards Committee: George Fairfield (Chairs), Bob Nicholson (Vice Chair)
The JAG Awards are open for submissions. Go to to see which category you want to enter or go straight to to enter. If you would like to help plan the JAG Awards Presentation, please email . We’ll be watching for your entry.
Conference Committee: To be re-constituted
Building a conference takes a lot of assistance as there are many moving parts that contribute to its success. The Executive Board has voted to re-establish this committee to develop a virtual conference in 2021. The committee will begin its work by establishing the structure of the event and explore dates for the conference. We need your help in developing and managing workshops, ideas for presentations, and possible keynote speakers. Next meeting will be held on February 17, 2021 @ 2pm.