JAG Organizational Member Benefits (Vendors/Manufacturers)

JAG WEBSITE provides technical, legislative, and operational information that supports the ability to produce and distribute community content.

WEBSITE LINKS posts Organizational member logo with link to their website.

MONTHLY MEETINGS provides a forum to discuss best practices, problem solving strategies, and supporting community municipal communication infrastructures and a vendor presentation from an Organizational Member.

MEETING LOCATIONS provides Organizational Members the ability to host a meeting at their location.

JAG E-MAIL NETWORK facilitates communication among members and provides a way to addressrelated issues —from technical troubleshooting to legislative rulings.

MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER provides opportunity for vendors to preview information they plan to address at the presentation and provide a feature article on changes in the industry.

PRODUCT DEMONSTRATIONS provides vendors to do and annual presentation on the latest products specific to our industry at one of JAG’s meetings.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES provides members with the ability to participate in meetings with various content providers, attorneys and similar organizations.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE provides members with the opportunity to speak with manufacturers, see the latest technology, and attend seminars providing assistance in community media creation, operation and distribution of content on multiple platforms. www.easternvideoexpo.org

TRADE SHOW provides Organizational Members preferred booth location, conduct free user group space.