Live Streaming

By Yervant Keshishian, Sales Engineer, Varto Technologies 

Creating an engaging broadcast during a global pandemic takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention the right hardware. Prior to the spread of Covid-19, some may have seen digital offerings like simulcasting to social media, remote video calling & IP transmission as a bonus or an impressive feature, but today they are a requirement. At Varto Technologies, these tools have become critical to our ability to help our clients tell stories and get high quality programming out to viewers.

The NewTek TriCaster® family of products has reinvented live streaming, most recently, with the introduction of TriCaster 2 Elite. This latest TriCaster product is the most powerful and complete live video production system on the planet, and provides revolutionary tools to streamers, offering ‘better than broadcast’ functionality and uncompromising flexibility.

TriCaster 2 Elite integrates with nearly every major video conferencing video calling application and IP video source type including Skype, MS Teams, and Zoom Meetings. Additionally, the system can stream and tailor multiple 4K streams to different places at once and can overlay graphics directly from Adobe After Effects. Users can even utilize the system’s Virtual Sets feature. This feature allows users to stream from anywhere they want and still create a professional quality livestream.

Easy to use, powerful connections-  NewTek’s entire line of TriCaster live production systems offer powerful and affordable tools to help craft more stories, better told. TriCaster systems put an entire suite of media production capabilities at a creator’s fingertips. The systems offer native Skype integration – perfect for bringing remote callers into a video. TriCaster live production systems also offer many social media integrations, allowing live streaming to Facebook Live, Microsoft® Azure®, Periscope, Twitch, YouTube™ Live, and more.

Further, when combined with NDI® – the free–to–use, video–over–IP protocol that allows video signals to be made instantly available over the network – the TriCaster can make use of NDI PTZ cameras. These cameras require only a single Ethernet connection for setup, power, operation, and signal flow.

Remote production, fully flexible-  Do you need a video control room that sits in a building across the street from your council chamber? No problem. Want to conduct an interview between the chamber and the studio? It’s easy with NDI. When any two locations can be accessed by the same network, the roadblocks to moving low-latency audio and video are lifted.

NDI allows individuals and organizations to access the benefits of IP–based, software–defined visual storytelling for a fraction of the cost of other IP protocols or traditional video transport methods. Many manufacturers have adopted NDI, and many free–to–use NDI tools are available for download. With NDI, nearly any video source can be utilized for creative storytelling.

Easy to use, powerful connections- The user–friendly layout of the TriCaster system and support offerings from NewTek have helped many clients with their broadcasts. Further, many TriCaster installations have been mission-critical for production during COVID–19 restrictions.

Using NewTek Technology allows you to reach more than just your immediate community. It allows you to reach the hard–to–reach and enables broadcasters to find new viewers who may be accessing the content from their phone or computer.

The ease-of-use and flexibility of the workflow make NewTek solutions easy to recommend. If you’re on the fence or are looking into a new solution to bring your studio into a digital world, then NewTek is where to start.

We design and integrate reliable, cost effective audio, video, digital media and live broadcast solutions.  Varto Technologies, specializes in helping clients envision and build the ideal workflows needed to best conduct their goals, while providing individualized and cost-effective solutions. Our team takes great pride in being able to provide access to the best products and solutions available on the market, while also providing access to our top-notch support and training specialists.

Varto Technologies is proud to be an Event Sponsor of the Eastern Video Expo, June 8-10.  Join us as we will be providing a more comprehensive presentation of NewTek products during the expo.  Check their web site for more details at .

Varto Technologies is a Top 5 NewTek Platinum Partner for North America. As a NewTek Platinum Reseller our trained and certified product and solutions experts are available to assist with your live production, remote transmission, NDI workflow implementation and other IP integration needs.