Newsletter Update

Change can be a good thing, and our newsletter was in need of a bit of face-lift.  I have been doing our social media for awhile now and have been spending some time working on small updates on our website.  This has allowed me to start coming up with ways to blend the two together.  There are now articles from the newsletter on our website, so it is easier to share them on Facebook and Linkedin.  The next natural idea was to start the same synergy with our newsletter. 

Most likely if you are reading this, you came from a link in the new newsletter.  That is the goal with this new format, more traffic to our website and easier to share articles for social media.  As you check out the newsletter there are a few things you will notice that are not in the original magazine style.  Since the original format includes longer form articles there was no space for the inclusion of links to non-articles.  You will find a “In the News” section with links to great information or important webinars.  There is also a section to let you know about the new videos and other content added to our website.

Graphical user interface, textDescription automatically generatedWith a more modern look and clickable links, I think this will help us bring more traffic to our website and keep us moving forward in keeping up with current trends.  One of the best parts of this updated look is we used already existing resources within our constant contact account, so there was no extra cost to JAG.  Enjoy the new format and keep looking for future updates to our website.