President’s Message

President’s Message

Staying Active With JAG All Summer Long

JAG understands the importance of keeping its members active, up to date and constantly informed.  Although we do not have regularly scheduled membership meetings during the months of July and August, we will continue of have Webinars and Virtual Hangs.  We are looking for September to be our first in person meeting, or perhaps a hybrid version of in person and virtual.  JAG as an organization will continue to help you be one of those stations that thrives and becomes essential for both the municipality/school and the community and we will do it in a manner that is safe for our members and under the guidelines set forth by health officials and the state.

Join us Wednesday, June 17th for our webinar where we will discuss the Legislative/FCC landscape with NATOA General Council Nancy Werner and JAG General Council Ken Fellman.  Not even the COVID crisis can stop action on the hill.  This is a must attend webinar for all members.  An invite has already gone out.  Please check your email for more details.  In addition, I continue to hold impromptu, informal online sessions, including one on Friday, June 12th at 4 pm.  The purpose of these is sometimes to talk about a particular subject matter, find out how stations are operating in these new times or just to gather, talk and perhaps have a little social “happy hour” to break things up.  These sessions are like our discussion and assistance session at our meetings on steroids.  Please check your email for invites, they may pop up on short notice.  So far we have held two successful sessions that have been well attended.  Please join us for our next one.

We are continuing with our new streamlined meetings, moving the order of discussion items and trying to make this a more enjoyable session for our members.  All committee reports will be sent out with the Agenda prior to the meetings, giving members a chance to read up on committees and ask specific questions to committee chairs.  In addition, each meeting has a special discussion topic, allowing all members to engage each other on this specific topic.  This month our topic will be “Transitioning Back To Live Meetings.”

Hopefully June will be JAG’s last all virtual meeting.  Hopefully we will have a combination virtual and onsite meeting depending completely on health restrictions and what is best for the safety of all our members.  Until that time, we ask that all members be on the lookout for the online meeting agenda, participate online preferably and as a last resort, call in.  Should you ever have difficulty trying to get in, please send me an email at or text me at (973) 476-5747.  I will do my best to help you get connected.  Please understand this is a new situation for all of us, there could be some bumps in the road, but we will do our best to get on track and work through it.

Finally, as I mention each month in my article, JAG as an organization is a very social group.  Face to face interaction at this point continues to not be possible but there are work arounds.  I encourage you to take part in these events, impromptu online gatherings and perhaps an online happy hour!  Stay Home, Stay Safe and make the most of this time with your family and loved ones.

Bob Duthaler

President, Jersey Access Group