President’s Message – April 2021

Are You Sharing the Wealth?
by Bob Duthaler

Each month I am tasked with writing an article for the newsletter
identifying a specific topic of JAG that should be brought to the attention of our members. This month was no different, other than the fact I was having trouble on what to talk about. Then as I was talking with our board and executive director it hit me. I was not going to talk about one particular item, rather I was going to talk to you about the wealth of knowledge that JAG is.

It starts with our mission statement. “JAG advises, advocates, and educates in the areas of technology, legislation, and regulation impacting multiple media platforms.” The way we go about this takes on numerous forms. This is the “Wealth of Knowledge” that JAG is. The key is to share this knowledge. By doing so, you are not only allowing others linked to your organization to understand all the JAG brings, but all that you are involved with, the complexity and the importance of the work you are doing in your job. The little things aren’t always so little, especially when they all come together.

That can be said about the many facets of JAG and what we make available to our membership. It is the whole of these items that make up the sum of the “Wealth of Knowledge” of JAG. My goal here is not to spend time going into great depth about each facet but explain to you why you should not be greedy. Yes, I said greedy!

This is where I might lose some of you, as I just called you greedy. But I ask you to bear with me, as I realized myself, that I was being greedy as well. So how is that the case? I have been doing everything I can to participate with JAG and take advantageous of all that JAG has to offer. Isn’t that the purpose of JAG? How is that being greedy? Well it is, sort of.

JAG’s newsletter, JAG Connect shared server, JAG email list serve, JAG awards, JAG on social media, JAG website and Eastern Video Expo website are already familiar to you with all they have to offer. How do I know? You are reading this article now which is found in this newsletter, you have emailed questions or answered them on the list serve, you regularly download programs from our shared server and you check out the website for members only information. But who else in your organization is reading this? Who else do you know that entered the JAG awards? Who have you told about the upcoming Eastern Video Expo and Conference? Have you made others aware of these? Who are these people?

So let me get down and dirty and explain what I am talking about and what you and I both can do to end this greed. Let’s explore the many items that make up the wealth of JAG and let me explain what you can do to share them. The good news is it is not hard. More importantly, it is easy to do and those who you share with are in control of what they want to participate in.

So who are these people? How do you identify them? The simple answer is almost anyone you come in contact with during your course of operations. Do you have a cable advisory board? They already have an interest in what you are doing, so why not get them on the email list to receive the JAG newsletter, let them know about the upcoming conference and share meeting invites with them. The same can be said with your mayor, council members and administrator too. A lot of what we talk about from legislative updates to protecting rights of way, all have an impact on what your council and administration do. These can be found in our newsletter. Simply allowing them to receive this monthly newsletter could help them understand potential actions on both a state or national level and their impact on the local side. How about the technical people on your staff or board? Are they on the list serve? The knowledge they have may benefit our members or any questions they have could be answered by our members. It is this two-way street that is invaluable.

Are you working with or have interaction with a school district? Have you alerted the students or staff about the JAG awards? They work hard on their creations, so why not have them recognized? Those same staff members should be alerted to the conference, receive our newsletter and should be on the email list serve. Any volunteers? Are they creating content for you? Perhaps they should be on the JAG Connect server. It is not only to share content, but to allow those who create content for you to see what others are doing. Perhaps this gives them some ideas and allows them to up their game as well.

I think you get the idea of what I’m saying. It was never intentional on any of our parts to keep all the great wealth of knowledge of JAG and what the organization has to share to ourselves. Sometimes it just takes a little nudging to realize this. The great part is people you share this with have the ability to control what they want to receive and interact when they see fit.

You have two options. You can ask them if they would like to be included and if they agree you can send their name, email address and affiliation to me. The other is to make this easy for both you and them. JAG has created a special link that you can share with them to get them signed up. Just send them this link.
Start now, Share the Wealth!

Editors notes:

In the past, JAG’s Monthly Newsletter was only open to its members that were part of the JAG listserv. This changed in March when we launched it on a new more public platform making it possible to broaden its distribution and support JAG’s marketing efforts. This included updates to our website to include all the content found in the newsletters.

All of the items discussed in the above article are being produced by the members of JAG’s eight committees.

You will find their work defined in more detail in each month’s newsletter.

Rich Desimone