President’s Message: October 2023 JAG Needs You!!!

by Bob Duthaler

This is not a US Army campaign to get you to enlist, rather it is JAG’s plea for you to run for a Trustee position.  Each year several JAG Trustee positions expire, and we look to the membership to run and fill these positions.  This year is no exception, as three positions are set to expire at the end of December 2023.

So, what does a JAG Trustee do?  JAG Trustees help shape and set goals for the Executive Board annually during their annual reorganization meeting.  In addition, JAG’s Executive Board Members are voted into place by the Board of Trustees during their annual reorganization meeting.  Trustees create the executive board via nominations and voting during the January Re-Organization Meeting, creating the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary.  The positions of External Relations and Production Chairs are selected by those committees and brought to the board.

So, what is required of a Trustee?  JAG Trustees participate in two annual meetings including the annual reorganization meeting and annual board retreat.  Plus, you are required to attend a majority of the JAG Monthly Membership Meetings.  In addition, since Trustees make up the Executive Board, you would be required to attend monthly board meetings, currently held virtually.  JAG Executive Board Members and Trustees are also required to be part of a standing or ad-hoc committee as well, attending monthly meetings for the committees.

Don’t let all the above scare you away.  You will be in good hands with the current board members/trustees who will work with you and help bring you “into the fold”.  Not everyone is familiar with the roles and responsibilities of board members for a charitable nonprofit and fortunately educational assistance for board members is available. The harder issue is asking volunteers to take time to learn about their role and grasp what makes a great board member. Luckily there are plenty of virtual options, although in-person, and especially peer-to-peer programs, are often the most useful – and fun. There is no doubt that there is a commitment of sorts to be a Trustee, but it’s to an organization you are already a member of and committed too.  So why not take the next step, be part of the board and help shape the organization and future of JAG!  Nominations will open officially open on Wednesday, October 25th at the next JAG meeting and will remain open until Wednesday, November 8th at 11am (Eastern Time).  If you cannot make the October 25th meeting, please email me directly at and announce that you are want to run as a Trustee in the upcoming elections, also include a brief bio and statement why you want to be a Trustee for the JAG organization.