Reach New Product Release

By Steve Valenti, President, FM Valenti

Introducing the new interAct6 auto tracking and switching lecture/event capture and streaming device from Reach.  This 4th generation streaming and recording engine uses Artificial Intelligence to automate wide and close up shots of the presenter and audience to make any presentation, town hall meeting or lecture look professional – all without the need for mats, fobs, volunteers, editors, or production assistance.

Let the interAct6 take control and automatically manage your event, or go manual and take control of cameras, image switching, transition and titling.  With an onboard 11” touchscreen and POE switch, the interAct6 is easy to set up and operate.

The last year has clearly demonstrated the need for capturing and sharing content remotely and in a way that engages the viewer with multiple camera angles and multi-media content.  The interAct 6 takes control of two 4k cameras placed around the room as well as presentation content and uses a combination of Auto-Tracking and Smart Switching technology to keep the content and viewer engaged!

The Reach interAct6 integration into Zoom, Meets, Teams etc… allows for remote viewers of an event to interAct and keep remote viewers immersed in the presentation. Clearly see both the remote audience and in person local participants and all their reactions to the presenter and never miss a beat!

Make your meetings come to life with the Reach interAct 6.

Join us for our presentation at JAG’s General Meeting on March 31, 2021 at 12.12pm.