Social Media Update – May 2021

by Doug Seidel, Social Media Manager, External Relations Comittee

This past month was a great month for us in social media.  I credit most of this to the increase in posts leading up to the Eastern Video Expo.  More posts equal more reach.  A few months ago, I spoke about how you find your audience by experimenting with posts.  The numbers don’t lie, this is the most active our social media has been in a while and also the most improvement in a month since the launch of the LinkedIn page.  This shows how important it is to stay active on social media platforms. 

Our TV history posts are very popular.  I am currently looking into similar ideas, like TV facts or behind the scenes posts.  Please reach out if there is something you would like to see.


Jersey Access Group

Do not forget to check out our YouTube channel.  As the vaccine rolls out and everything starts to open up, there will be more productions from all of our members.  We have successfully been able to keep adding new programing to the channel each week since launch even in a pandemic, so it should look great once all members are back to full production.  Have something you want on our YouTube channel? Send a link to  for review. 

We are slowly making our way to the 100 subscriber goal, so if you have not subscribed already please do.  It will look much cleaner when we can shorten that YouTube URL.

Check out some of the videos featured on our page: