The Debate is Over, and the Result is……… What PEG Stations Have Been Waiting For

Paul A. Distefano

By Paul A. Distefano, NE Regional Sales Manager, DeSisti Lighting

I joined DeSisti in 2019, and before I made my first sales call for them, there had been an ongoing debate. DeSisti has always been a premium product, preferred by broadcasters, and is used in broadcast studios from small markets to networks. With our patented optics, we generally outperform our competitors with superior white CCTs (Correlated Color Temperature), very high CRIs (Color Rendering Index), and higher output at lower wattages, across our entire product line. Of course, that high standard of quality comes with a commensurate price. Thus, the debate.

Could DeSisti produce a more affordable fixture, maintain our high standard of quality, and fit within the budgetary constraints of TV production entities such as non-network broadcasters, like the PEG community?  Well, the debate is over. The answer is YES! At the Live Design International Conference last December, DeSisti introduced our “Lite” line of fixtures. These new Fresnels and Softlights feature high-efficiency emitters, quiet fanless operation, DMX control, all steel construction, multiple fixed white, variable white, and full-spectrum color versions, and DeSisti’s patented optical system…. All at a much more affordable price.

We offer 6”, 50W Fresnels and 12” x 22” 150W Softlights in 3200°K Tungsten, 4000°K Neutral, 5600°K Daylight, and 2700° – 6500°K Variable White with CRIs over 96 and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) above 97. Our SoftLED1-LITE VW+RGB is a 1×1 60W Softlight featuring variable white CCTs plus red, green, and blue. Control of all modes (VW from 2700° – 10,000°K, 4-Zone, HSI (Hue/Saturation/Intensity), FX, and Pixel FX) via DMX or Bluetooth, AC/DC operation, and light control via included 4-leaf barndoors, optional softbox or honeycomb grids. F6LITE Fresnels start at under $1,500.00 list. The SoftLEDLITE2 starts at under $2,400.00. The SoftLED1LITE-VW+RGB lists for under $900.00!

So, for all of you who have put off updating your studio lighting or remote kits to LED because of the cost, we now have something to discuss. As a (very) simple example: Let’s say that we needed to outfit a system to light two subjects with simple 3-point lighting in an interview set. Using (4) F4.7 DeSisti Fresnels as keys and backs…. And (2) of our SoftLED2 Softlights for fills, all single color, the LIST price would be almost $16,000. If we substitute with (4) of our new F6LITE-VW and (2) SoftLED1LITE-VW+RGB, not only do you now have the capability of variable CCT whites and full color, but the list price comes down to under $9,100.00. That is over 40% less. This is a very basic comparison, but I believe you see my point. We are presenting the Lite line at the NAB conference on April 12, and I will be presenting to JAG the following week at the April 24 meeting, and again at the JAG Conference on May 16. Please come out and check out these incredible new lights or let me know if you would like a demo at your studio. In the meantime, click here to see data sheets on the Lite line, as well as any other DeSisti products I look forward to seeing you all on April 24.