Three User Interfaces in One Video Production System

by Rush Beesley, President, RUSHWORKS

RUSHWORKS is proud to announce the upcoming release of VDESK 2021. It is a significantly upgraded version of our powerful and versatile integrated television production system, featuring advanced robotics control of PTZ and PTX heads with BABYZOOMER lens servo kits, and the RUSHDOLLY.
VDESK is unique in offering three different user interfaces designed to accommodate very different production styles, providing versatility and functionality for many production environments.

The Classic Interface, widely used for concerts, parades and remote special events, displays up to 12 camera panels, each with a video monitor and eight presets you can name, save and recall quickly with the touch screen interface. It supports up to twelve SDI inputs, at least four NDI inputs, or a mix of SDI, HDMI and NDI input configurations.

We’ve created Layout Templates that let you select the most appropriate for your production venues. There are four Single Monitor Templates, and six Dual Monitor Templates. These let you take advantage of larger camera control and monitoring panels, and an expanded Preview monitor window. You can customize and save as many Layouts as you wish to accommodate multiple production venues.

It features enhanced integration with the VDX T-Bar control surface
which includes consolidated controls for camera and preset selections,
PiP, Double-Box and Chroma Key effects, with PTZ motion controls and
file selection and playback.

The Producer Interface, popular for Board Meetings and Houses of Worship, uses a picture of your production area – which we call the Stage
– onto which you drag and position icons representing meeting attendees, performers and musical instruments.

You can cover most venues using just two robotic cameras placed side by side in our exclusive Double Take configuration. Set unlimited presets using one camera, and the software automatically selects the object you touch on the screen and puts it into the Preview bus. Or you can activate Hot Take or Hot Auto and the shot will automatically switch to Program when the preset is reached.

You can turn on the Hot Key function and an assigned lower-third banner will also automatically fade on and off after the shot goes to Program. Additionally, there are ten Hot Shot presets for random cutaways and other blocked shots to enhance the coverage.

The TalkingPoints Interface is designed to streamline the capture, recording and streaming of presentations and lectures using Picture in Picture to display the PowerPoint content, as well as two more PIP inserts of the presenter and panelists if desired. A third reverse angle camera captures audience Q&A with the presenter and panelists, which is often an integral and important part of any presentation. It is especially useful for hybrid productions which include in-person attendees and remote participants using Zoom or similar communications protocols. Central to each user interface is the ability for one person to control all aspects of the production, from robotic camera and dolly control to switching, recording and streaming. Having the ability to create, name and save presets with precise camera motion control has been our unique signature for the last 15 years. Utilizing touch screen operations in every case makes user interaction simpler and faster. Join us for our presentation at JAG’s General Meeting on March 31, 2021 at 12.12pm as we take a close look at the unique features of the VDESK 2021.

RUSHWORKS was founded in 2001 by Rush Beesley, a technology pioneer since the early 1970s. Having designed and created many production and automation technology solutions, his ‘mongrel pedigree’ is uniquely suited for the company’s branding as a provider of “powerfully simple” integrated media solutions.

You can see product demos and help videos on RUSHWORKS YouTube Page