5 Takeaways from My First Eastern Video Expo

By Dana Healy, VP Cablecast Community Media

The Jersey Access Group hosted the Eastern Video Expo LIVE for the first time in a couple of years. Hello! My name is Dana Healy, and I’m the VP of Cablecast Community Media. This was my first time attending the Eastern Video Expo! Being the new kid on the block, every attendee I met was a new face. Here are my 5 take-aways from the New Jersey-based event.

1.Passion Runs Deep

From vendors to attendees to trustee members, there was no shortage of passion for the industry.  People swapped stories about increasing access in their communities, assisting cities in media production, and educating the incoming generation.  It reminded me of the culture of Cablecast.  We build the easiest to use broadcast automation software and video servers so that our passionate customers have more time to focus on their mission of serving their communities.

2.Feels Like Family

Attendees greeted each other like old friends with big smiles and hearty hugs.  I asked a few attendees like Doug Seidel and Bob Duthaler the last time they saw their colleagues in person. Years! Gathering in person for this event felt more like a homecoming than a conference.  I had a chance to chat with Monica Jackson of Highland Park, and Ken Morgan, a long-time community media volunteer, about their work, and passion for the JAG mission.  The atmosphere was relaxed and made it easy to connect with people over a lunch meal or drinks.

3.Reconnecting with Friends

Michael D’Amato, Broadcast Communications Manager for the Township of Edison, and longtime Cablecast customer, stopped by to reconnect.  Bob Smith, Cablecast’s Inside Sales Rep, had a chance to visit the Edison, NJ facility to learn firsthand how the Township of Edison is utilizing its Cablecast equipment and to answer questions.

4.Vendors Show Up

From Varto Technologies to Municipal Captioning to Cablecast Community Media, the vendors constructed impressive displays and executed dynamic demonstrations for attendees.  It was an intense version of show and tell.  Varto and Yervant of Varto Technologies displayed three tables of hardware to show the attendees!  Daniell Krawczyk and Rob Gelber of Municipal Captioning hosted coloring contests at their technicolored booth.  Bob Smith at Cablecast showered attendees with swag and demonstrations!

5.Attendees Lead the Conversation

The JAG attendees have spoken!  The Cablecast booth was hopping with inquisitive people.  The Cablecast team guided their questions through the Cablecast VIO Stream to the Cablecast CG bulletin board.  It was evident that the Cablecast CG Bulletin Board was the product of interest. As the newbie attending the conference, I felt quite at home chatting with trustees and attendees.  If I didn’t meet you, connect with me on LinkedIn!  I’d love to hear your takeaways from the event.