An Exceptional Event For Operational and Technology Training at the Eastern Video Expo

By Bob Duthaler, Executive Board, Chair

I said this throughout the Eastern Video Expo and even in another article in this newsletter (Challenge – figure out what article and email me your answer), it was great to have an in-person portion of this year’s event, something we have not been able to do since 2019.  But what helped separate this year’s event was our hybrid approach.  Our in-person Trade Show as bookended by two virtual conference session days.  Once again, we were able to pull in tremendous speakers throughout the country as they shared their knowledge and learning experience throughout their career.

For those of you who were able to attend all the sessions and came to the in-person events, I thank you very much.  The support you showed to the organization is greatly appreciated.  Additionally, I hope you got a lot out of our conference, and you walked away with a greater appreciation for what we do, a deeper knowledge of our industry and an excitement for what the future of our industry brings.  This is what our conference provided all those who attended.

For those who attended this year’s conference, our sessions will be available shortly for you to go back and watch again.  If you did not register for the conference, we will provide you with an opportunity to register, pay and gain access to all the sessions along with the JAG Awards.  If you missed this year’s event, send me an email at and I will help you “post-conference” register, so you gain access to all our material.

Here is a rundown of some of the Operational and Technology Session you will want to watch again or even for the first time for others:

Documentary Storytelling and Short Marketing Videos

Daniel Glick, a seasoned documentary filmmaker, will talk about his process of making and developing projects – both short form and feature length – and the many challenges and rewards that come with the process. He will also talk about the value of using the documentary form in marketing for businesses, an approach that can be useful for townships and nonprofits too.

Franchise Renewal- What should you expect?

What is the status of cable subscribers? Can I get an HD Channel? How is the FCC order effecting your current franchise agreement? What kind of legislation is out there trying to protect PEG? These topics along with results of stations resent franchise negotiations will be discussed. Panelists J Robertson and Mike Wassenaar

Ask the Lawyers

There is a lot of interesting things happening in community media. Broadband, the 6th Circuit Court cable franchise decision, closed captioning, rights of way as well as FAA new rules on drones. Join, ask, or just listen to the lawyers, as they relate to you what is exactly going on and how it may affect your world in the very near future.  Panelist Nancy Werner and Brandon Dittmar

Station Manager’s Round Table – Ask The Tech

We continued our popular Manager’s Round Table Discussions. Now is the chance for you to ask engineering and technical questions and have them answered by experts in the industry. Join us as we discuss our operational needs, problems, questions, and solutions. Panelists Nick Besink and John Micewicz.

In addition to those sessions listed above I urge to you take another look at these sessions as well:

Social Media Marketing Beyond Facebook

Facebook isn’t the only social media platform out there, in fact your audience might be waiting for you in a different platform. Join our panel of social media experts to discuss Twitter, Instagram, TicTok and more. In other words, find the social media that is waiting for your content. Panelists Cyd Katz and Leontyne Anglin

Lighting isn’t for exposure – it’s for communication

Award Winning cinematographer David Landau will give a workshop on how to use lighting as a storytelling element. Different interviews can call for different lighting, based on how we want the viewer to perceive what is being said. A better understanding of light and how lighting affects the perceptions of the viewer will help you create better images that communicate what you want the viewer to feel and think about what they are watching. All of this can be accomplished without large amounts of lighting units as David will demonstrate.

How to Make An Award Winning Video

With the tools to create video available to anyone with a cellphone, it’s never been more challenging to produce award winning productions. Mike Kostel, the Executive Director of the New York office of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences and an Emmy award winning producer will share with us his thoughts on what makes an award-winning television production. We’ll discuss things like choosing a compelling subject; how to  structure a show for maximum impact; what storytelling techniques you can use to entertain and inform: and how to work with a production team post Covid.

Interview Tips and Tricks

Barry Farber is a best-selling author of 14 business and inspirational books in over 30 languages, an award winning radio and television host as well as an agent and marketing consultant for corporations, professional athletes, and entertainers. He’s also the creator and marketer of the FoldzFlat® Pens. His latest release is a children’s book and animated TV Series: The Adventures of Little Billy “IN SEARCH OF THE MAGIC TREE.” The life lessons contained in The Adventures of Little Billy are the basis of Farber’s new podcast aimed at parents of young children. In the podcast, also titled “IN SEARCH OF THE MAGIC TREE,” Farber interviews, celebrities, athletes, entertainers, business leaders, educators, brain surgeons and more about building with children at an early age a foundation for success throughout life. Learn more about Barry Farber at

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