Building a TV Series and Finding JAG

by Caz. Bielen, Premiere Media

Every Great Video we produce has to have a story.  My name is Caz. Bielen, Chief Creative Officer of Premiere Media and CazTV. I immigrated to the US when I was 8 years old. I never had a TV in Poland.  My first TV was a black and white set, where I learned English watching Magilla Gorilla, The Adventures of Superman, Little Rascals and I Love Lucy reruns  There were also the annual viewings of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Wizard of Oz.  I did not know it was in color till I was in my late teens. But I loved the stories and the lighting, the effect that made these characters come to life.  

After High School I attended Rutgers University in the early 1980’s.  I was a part of the starting Knight Time Television, the first Student run TV Channel that also took advantage of Public Access that allowed it to also be seen on Cable TV in nearby homes.  We were Cable before Cable was Cool!

After an internship at Cross Country Cable in Somerville, NJ and working there as a freelancer while still at school, I received two ACE Nominations.  “Fun Stop”, a Kids Show and a special on “Pediatric Cardiology”.  After that I got a full time job at Cross Country Cable, where I remember watching the launch of CNN.  I was Producer and Public Access Coordinator, enabling the public to produce their own shows.  This is where I met Debbie and Doug Gist, Lou Brogno, Dick Craig and others.  Later, the Company became TKR Cable based in Warren, NJ.  I was Producer-Director-Editor Internship coordinator and started local commercial production.  You may have seen the “REPS” little people ads that ran for about 20 years.  I worked with Michael D’Amato and Dave Garb, as well as Lee Beckerman with whom I reconnected with after more than three decades at the 2023 JAG Conference and Awards.  It’s poetic that the story of my professional career and joining JAG has brought me back to where I started with people I worked with, and others I helped start on their television path.

Later, I worked at C-TEC Cable, where I produced and hosted Daytime Emmy Awards Specials, and the Pay-Per-View Report.  As Media Services Manager at RCN Corporation, I got to be at the start of the Internet Revolution, before that was cool.  After the dot com Boom and Bust, I started Premiere Media and CazTV, producing commercials, infomercials and working with Public Schools and Municipalities.  I enjoyed creating content that educates, entertains and inspires viewers worldwide, and won 3 Telly Awards for Public Service Videos.

I wish to thank Steve Keiser, Producer of the “On the Loose” TV series. He told me a few years ago to join the Jersey Access Group and continues to be a good friend.

George Fairfield has been so helpful to me in getting to know JAG.  I attended the annual Conference and was amazed at the talent and presenters that was there. I made connections and obtained knowledge from providers and facilitators on best practices.

I currently produce “Cazual Conversations” a Video and Audio Podcast, where we talk to people that are important to our world.  Contact me if you want to be my guest and share your story.  It’s available on various web platforms and via Telvue Connect in New Jersey and on the Media Exchange Nationwide.  The program provides me, as an Independent Producer, a more local connection in New Jersey.  I wish to thank the Jersey Access Group for the awards I received. I will be providing more programs for the Media Exchange, such as “Studio at the Hill”, a family-friendly program, and “Mr. AutoAds”, on which I show local NJ commercials from the past. To see more of my story, go to