JAG 2023 Conference Recap – Engaging the Community

by Jesse Lerman, President & CEO, TelVue Corporation

It was great to see everyone at this year’s annual JAG conference in Edison, which felt like a “coming home” of sorts, refocusing the lens back on the core New Jersey station operators and members, the real heart and soul of JAG and where TelVue got its start in community media nearly 20 years ago! The new layout, with vendor exhibit booths inside the large group ballroom, afforded better opportunities to mingle with customers and showcase products during breaks, yet also remain an important presence during the larger panel presentations.  It created a very inclusive environment for vendors and customers alike, a welcome return and grateful exit from the social distancing and virtual trade show era.

Kicking off the JAG Conference with the TelVue Users Group and Breakfast

TelVue is always proud to be a Diamond sponsor for JAG, and this year, we presented key updates on a range of products and services including: live, dual language, ultra affordable closed captioning, caption transcript search to make your government meetings fully searchable, automatic social media streaming directly from our new HyperCaster AIO+ line of playout & automation servers, integrated video editing & community bulletin board, time-saving automation rules, and new, built-in analytics & reports for your web, OTT, and mobile viewership.

I enjoyed collaborating with Joe Fernandes, Assistant Manager, Woodbridge Television, and Bob Duthaler on the panel session Is A Cable Channel All You Need?  Joe shared successes and tips and tricks about how to expand your reach and audience with social media and social streaming, and I shared additional ways to grow your viewership online, including launching your own branded mobile and OTT apps.  All great ways to deliver your programming in full HD, as well as gain insight into your viewers and reach through streaming analytics and reports.  It was very cool to hear so many success stories from the audience, including Old Bridge TV, who shared how well-received their mobile and OTT apps are in the community.  

I was delighted to chair a new panel on social media engagement in relation to local government with Jean-guy R. Lauture, Sr. IT Director, Bloomfield Township, and Cyd Katz, Founder/CEO of New Jersey Isn’t Boring.  It was clearly a “reel” interesting topic, and top of mind for everyone based on the packed crowd, collaborative discussions, and the fact that it ran overtime.  Cyd brought so many practical tips on how to leverage short videos to increase engagement, and Jean-guy shared best practices on how to navigate, work within local government, and avoid issues & pitfalls with social media.

Demos and Discussions at the TelVue Booth

The JAG awards honored two long time TelVue clients – Lee Beckerman on his retirement and literally sailing off into the sunset, and Stephanie Gibbons, both of whom have been incredible driving forces behind JAG.  Congrats to Lee and Stephanie, and to all of the JAG award nominees and winners!  It is no mystery how talented and dedicated the JAG stations and producers are, but what remains a mystery is how does Simon Mandel do that final magic trick?!?!

Honored to receive Certificate of Award for supporting JAG’s new Internet TV channel

The annual JAG conference also affords a unique opportunity for our engineering and product development staff to have face-to-face customer contact as well, and to get direct feedback from important end users.  We appreciated the great turn-out and participation at our morning User Group.  TelVue remains dedicated to our valued NJ clients by listening and responding to their needs, and we are thrilled to be a part of the robust JAG station and member community. We were honored to be presented during the lunch banquet with a Certificate of Award acknowledging our support of JAG’s new Internet TV channel.  JAG is always innovating, and always on the forefront!