JAG will be at the League of Municipalities

November 17 & 18

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Broadband: November 17, 1:30pm in room 404

Mayors and Administrators are always looking for funds to help stretch their limited budgets. Although NJ sits between to communications hubs NYC & Philly there are many areas in the state, both rural (northeastern forests and southern farmland) and urban who lack access to broadband that hurt business and communities. This panel will explore the challenges facing municipalities that are trying to improve broadband access, and what funding might be available to facilitate those improvements.

Over the Top Panel: November 18th, 10:45am in room 409

JAG members will discuss ways municipalities can continue to reach their citizens after the pandemic. Now that local governments have given the public access to their council meetings and other municipal events in their homes, can they go back to business as usual? Today, reaching your community through a traditional cable channel is not the only game in town.  Our panelists will explore all the new ways to engage citizens with over the top (OTT) devices and applications: like: Roku, AppleTV, web applications and mobile devices.