JAG Awards February 2024

by George Farfield, JAG Awards Committee Chair


Did your town have a concert?  Did your station record it?  How about a council meeting?  Did your town have a community event?  These are all great events you can enter in the JAG Awards.

Not sure what the categories are?  Here they are…surely you have something to enter.

101. Documentary

201. Instructional/Training

301. News Magazine

401. Talk Show

501. PSA: Public Service Announcement

601. Promotion

701. Sports Programming / Single Camera

801. Sports Programming / Multi-Camera

901. Public Meeting / Single Camera

1000. Public Meeting / Multi-Camera

1100. Public Ceremony / Single Camera

1200. Public Ceremony / Multi-Camera 

1300. Public Parade / Single Camera

1400. Public Parade / Multi-Camera

1500. Concert / Single Camera

1600. Concert /Multiple Camera

1700. Community Holiday Event

1800. Community Development Event

1900. Community Ground Breaking/Ribbon Cutting/Dedication

2000. Community Festival/Fair Event

2100. Community Award Presentation

Haven’t had time to get it together?  Don’t worry, many of us have not had the time.  Registration has been extended until February 16.  At least get that done.  Videos are not due until the end of February. We want to see your entry.  Enter the JAG Awards NOW!