JAG Membership Benefits

by Stephanie Gibbons, Membership Chair

When one thinks of the Membership Committee, it may be as the group that takes in information about a new member, welcomes them and helps them get acquainted with JAG as an organization.  Or you may think of us as that irritating committee that pesters you to fill out a membership survey.  But the Membership Committee is much more than that.  This committee is continually looking at JAG from the member’s point of view… why did you join JAG? Are you getting the most out of your membership?  Are there other benefits you need or want?  So the committee recently when back to the drawing board as to the membership categories we offer and what is most valuable to each of the types of membership.

JAG will be celebrating its 21st anniversary soon and as most things two decades old we have changed from when we formed this organization in 2001.  When we started, only municipal stations were members but we soon realized that other entities were also making and delivering content.  The committee also had to look at how we deliver our content, which has vastly changed, and to examine how we integrate these new technologies and process our workflows.

While many of the JAG benefits provide assistance to all of the categories there are benefits that are specific to each category.

•   For municipal & public members JAG provides assistance in communication with residents using social media.  That has developed into live hybrid meetings integrating Zoom and establishing delivery to various platforms.

•   For non-profit schools JAG offers schools that are producing video content ways to expand distribution of the work of students.  Through the Student Symposium, JAG gives students an opportunity to attend events to explore careers in the growing field of video production.

•   For Colleges/Universities members JAG allows students free attendance to the JAG Conference giving them the opportunity to visit with manufacturers and learn about the latest in video production equipment on our trade show floor.  Students can attend workshop sessions regarding all the components of video production.

•   For Independent Producers JAG gives them access to a wider distribution network through the JAG Connect server and JAG’s You Tube Channel, as well as the ability to find freelance support.

•   For Non Profit Organizations JAG gives them access to a wider distribution network through the JAG Connect server and JAG’s You Tube Channel.

•   For Organizational Vendors/Manufacturers JAG provides expanded marketing capabilities to municipalities, schools, colleges/universities, non-profit organizations and independent producers. 

JAG keeps vendors and manufacturers in front of the decision makers who are responsible for evaluating and purchasing equipment.

The items listed are just one specific benefit for each category among all the benefits of your membership in JAG.  One of the most frequent responses we receive from new members is how glad they are that they have someone like them to talk to about similar issues.  And now they have other people to talk to about possible solutions. The Membership committee produced the chart below that provides a general overview of all of JAG’s member benefits.  Please take some time to look it over as you may find that you have benefits that you did not know you had.  JAG encourages its members to take advantage of all the benefits it offers.  I want to thank the membership committee members for all their hard work on this project.  Reviewing the member benefits is a key ingredient to JAG’s new marketing plan.  We believe it will aid in the pursuit of new members in all membership categories.  Finally, if you believe in what JAG does and you like to talk to other people about JAG then you can help.  The Membership committee is looking for new members; we meet for approximately an hour on the first Tuesday of the month.  We also do outreach to former and lapsed members to renew their membership. We need help with this outreach and this is a great way to meet and talk to other JAG members. This is a great way to get more involved in JAG, so please join our committee, JAG needs you too!

Click here to download benefits chart.