New JVC PTZ Cameras for Remote Production Over the Internet (REMI)

JVC Connected Cam PTZ camera

CONNECTED CAM™ Line Offers High-quality, Low-latency IP Video Transmission

Producing live video broadcasts is never easy, but it is especially difficult during pandemic times with limited personnel and less travel options. In many cases, the traditional approach of shipping production equipment from location to location with a professional crew may not be an option. Ensuring you still get the content you need in this new environment becomes much easier with the right tools in place.

The new JVC CONNECTED CAM™ series of PTZ cameras feature technology for sending broadcast-quality video over the internet and local area networks (LAN), transforming the entire world into one big production studio where cameras and video switchers can be separated by thousands of miles. Cameras can be deployed from any location with an internet connection, while video switchers and other production equipment, as well as the operators, can be conveniently situated in a central studio, sometimes across the continent.

High-speed internet is widely available, and at an affordable cost for unlimited data, which makes it a perfect medium for bi-directional video communication. At the same time, the internet is a public network, being used by billions, which results in unpredicted congestion, data loss and jitter. These factors may not affect the regular user but will cause corruption of live video streams. So, special error-resilient protocols are required for successful production over the internet.

JVC CONNECTED CAM cameras integrate the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) streaming protocol that is resilient to intermittent connectivity, data loss and connection speed fluctuations. The advanced streaming capabilities of the incorporated SRT technology adds Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) and Forward Error Correction (FEC) to prevent packet loss typically found on internet connections. High Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) further enhances the Remote Production Over the Internet (REMI) workflow producing excellent video quality streams at low bitrates.

Both the JVC KY-PZ200 and KY-PZ400 PTZ models include SRT streaming and HEVC encoding for successful REMI, with only an internet connection needed for video transmission. The SRT streams can be sent directly to compatible video switchers, such as NewTek TriCaster and vMix, and to JVC’s BR-DE900 decoder for a 3G-SDI output. The incorporated Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) with Network Time Protocol (NTP) provides the new JVC PTZ cameras with multi-camera synchronization for streaming and live event production. All cameras also feature 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs for conventional production and support RTMP/S streaming directly to Facebook, YouTube and other Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

Since most devices are protected by firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT), PTZ controls over the internet can be challenging. JVC’s long-time partner Peplink provides an excellent Virtual Private Network-based (VPN) solution for these new JVC PTZ cameras. This secure, outgoing VPN provides camera control and PTZ/tally operation behind firewalls, with zero on-site network alteration needed. Small and affordable Peplink SOHO and Balance routers bridge remote sites to the central studio network for easy access to all devices around the world. JVC’s PTZ cameras can also be controlled directly by vMix and TriCaster video switchers, while the dedicated JVC RM-LP100 controller adds a PTZ joystick and a full set of video settings and presets.

The significance of the Network Device Interface (NDI) software cannot be underestimated for local video production. Developed by Newtek, NDI provides audio, video and PTZ control via a single LAN cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE). The KY-PZ400N and KY-PZ200N cameras support NDI®|HX and can contribute high-quality video streams to NDI-enabled video switchers via a standard LAN connection. Both NDI®|HX and SRT streams can operate simultaneously. This means that the same camera(s) can provide live video for the local NDI mixer and for REMI productions.

The JVC CONNECTED CAM family of products includes camcorders for all levels of production, including broadcast, sports, corporate, education and HOW. From the GY-HC900, a full-size 2/3-inch camcorder, to the handheld one-inch CMOS GY-HC500/550 and new KY-PZ200/400 PTZs, all JVC cameras support SRT streaming and remote control over the internet. In addition to sending video, the HC-series also adds integrated SRT decoders for return video and IFB.

No matter which camera solution is chosen, JVC CONNECTED CAMs work well for anything from a simple office livestream to a full multi-camera studio production. Reducing the sheer volume of equipment also allows users to build very portable systems while leveraging existing network hardware wherever they go, and without demanding a complex setup process. Join Edgar Shane, General Manager, Engineering for a presentation at JAG’s general meeting on January 25, 2022.