President’s Message: April 2023 – Station Check List – Help Grow Your Station

by Bob Duthaler

Here are some ideas on how you can grow, strengthen, and improve you station operations and overall appearance.  They are in no order, so use these as a guide for your station.  Do all or do some, but the key to change and growth is to do something.

Use What You Have, and Use It To The Fullest… We are all guilty of this, I know that I am.  So, what am I referring to?  Just about any product or software you have in your place.  You would be surprised at how much they have to offer and how we don’t use this technology to its full potential.  What are some examples of this?  How can I find solutions?  I will give you a couple examples, but take inventory on all your hardware and software, research all they have to offer, then train yourself to use it to its fullest potential.   For our purpose I am going to talk about broadcast systems and multi-camera productions.  Both of these are important to station productions, operations, and overall appearance.

Broadcast Servers:

  • Do you know how to schedule series programs?
  • Do you know how to use squeezbacks?
  • Do you know how to add “now playing” and “up next” snipe graphics?
  • Do you run a station logo or bug?
  • Are you running text crawl messages and incorporating emergency notifications?

Multi-camera Productions:

  • Do you understand the idea concept of two hand switching?
  • Do you know how to use M/E?
  • Are you doing live graphics?
  • Do you know how to create virtual sets and chromakey?
  • Do you know how to roll in video clips?
  • Do you know how to bring in sources over the network, across the web and other sources?

Learn all the above and more.  But how you ask?  Come to the JAG conference on Thursday, May 18th and attend special user group sessions by TelVue and Newtek.  Learn to get the most out of the equipment you already own or are looking to get.  Register now for this year’s event at

Cable, live streaming on social media, and cord cutters…serve them all. The time has come to serve everyone in your community, whether they have cable or not.  Gone are the days in which cable was the only way to see your station.  As the viewing habits of the residents in your community change, so must you change in order to reach them.  But how do you reach them?  What are the benefits of live streaming?  Is there a way to reach the cord cutters?  Apple TV, ROKU and Amazon Fire… they are not just for Netflix.  Learn how you can get your channel on these platforms and more.  Attend special workshops geared for this very topic. Meet with vendors with the knowledge and ability to show you an affordable way to get your station broadcasting on platforms you never thought were possible.  Where?   Come to the JAG conference on Thursday, May 18th at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ.  Learn how to get access to affordable streaming equipment, have your channel on OTT platforms and a lot more.  Register now for this year’s event at

Know what the future of PEG could hold, and know what you are entitled to now…  One of the biggest ways to be successful in our industry is to understand the laws the govern our industry and what you should be advocating for.  Over the years JAG has fought hard to get your station access to training and equipment.  JAG also made it possible for you to have a high-definition channel.  But do you know how to go about getting these?  Wouldn’t you like to learn what stations around New Jersey and the country are getting in their local franchise negotiations?  Knowledge is power, which becomes an advantageous ally when dealing with cable companies during your franchise renewal.  I am sure you don’t have time to sit and track state and federal legislation the pertains to PEG-TV, broadband and more on a regular basis.  If you are looking for an easy explanation of all the above, in a clear, concise way for you to understand and bring back to your cable board or local government, then you need to attend the annual JAG Conference on Thursday, May 18th.  Learn current legislation, FCC rules and proposed legislation in special topics and a Keynote Lunch during the JAG Conference in Edison, NJ.  Register now for this year’s event at

VHS Tapes, File Based Broadcast Servers, Closed Captioning and AI… We have watched our industry change over the years, but what is in store next?  Are you contemplating the addition of closed captioning to your station?  What is the best approach?  Should you have an on-site unit or a cloud-based subscription?  What about remote video transmission, is there an affordable solution out there?  Can you harness the power of the internet and cellular data to transmit live video?  How about AI technology?  More and more we are hearing about the use of AI and what it means to our industry.  There is so much new technology out there and the announcement of more coming off the heels of the NAB Tradeshow, how can you keep up with it all?  You can get caught up with some of the latest and greatest right here in New Jersey at JAG’s annual conference.  Mark your calendar now and click the registration link: and set yourself up to be in the know.  Join us on Thursday, May 18th for a one-day event that will surely enhance your knowledge and ability to successfully operate your station.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much going on throughout the day at the JAG Conference.  Plus, there will be ample time for networking with others in our industry and vendors from around the country.  This event is designed specifically for those in the PEG community.  It is our chance to get together, discuss topics that pertain to our industry, learn the latest and interact with each other.  There is no doubt this is the one event each year you do not want to miss.  The time is now to register for JAG’s Conference 2023 on Thursday, May 18th in Edison, NJ.  Don’t wait, register now!!!   I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s event!

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