President’s Message: August 2022 – Short and Sweet … Just Like Summer

by Bob Duthaler

I think the title of my article tells my feelings about summer, it is a great time of the year, but way too short.  In summer, you find ways to cram a whole bunch of things to be done in a short time both on the personal and business side.  From a production standpoint at the stations I am involved with, summer is a very busy time.  There are events throughout the summer we are covering, along with meetings and concerts.  I find myself covering three concerts a week at times!  Then there are the graduation parties, summer BBQs and most importantly …. VACATION! 

The same can be said with running JAG as well.  The executive board and committees don’t take time off during the summer.  These groups continue to meet and develop the plans that keep the organization running now and in the future.  Committees like the JAG Awards and Conference Committee are coming off their annual events.  They spend the summer reviewing their performance, making their recommendations to the board and preparing to start up again.  Other committees throughout the year work on updating their plans and strategies, and pass these on to the leadership committee which reviews and recommends the final plans. The plans are then passed on to the executive board.

The executive board will hold their annual retreat during the month of August.  During this three-to-four-day event, the board will review every facet of our organization.  We examine both our Policies & Procedures along with our By-Laws, review our running of the organization, examine its structure, and come up with solutions to move the organization forward.  Most of these come directly from Leadership (via individual committees) helping make the review process easier.  Unlike a vacation that you look forward to every summer, I am not sure the board thinks this is the highlight of their summer.  But we do know that it is very important, and we continue to take seriously this event and the work entailed.  Thankfully we also have the help of our managing director to help steer us through this process, prepare all the documents and make changes/updates to all documents after the board goes through them and votes. As you can tell, summer is a very busy time of year and yet still way too short of a time.  I do love the warm summer days, the extended hours of light and the feeling of a nice vacation.  But this all-passes way too quickly.  So, in keeping with the summer is too short theme, I will make my article Short and Sweet – just like my title says!  Final Note:  In September, we will begin in person meetings again.  We also plan to hold a hybrid online version as well.  Look for details next month.