President’s Message: February 2023 – The Ground Hog Can’t Be Right

by Bob Duthaler

Ground Hog’s Day has past, and the ground hog saw his shadow.  According to folklore, we have 6 more weeks of winter.  If you look back on the last two months of winter, you would think that winter hasn’t even begun.  The weather for the most part has been unseasonably warm with little to no snow.  Long range forecast shows the same when it comes to snow.  You will hear no complaints from me!

I will choose to believe that warmer weather is still on its way and we will have an early spring.  And just like the weather, things are heating up with JAG as well.  I would just like to run through several things that you should be aware of and remind you of things to come as well.  You should use this opportunity to mark your calendar and prepare for these upcoming events, registrations and dates!

JAG Awards have been open and are shortly coming to a close.  It is not too late to register and get noticed for all the hard work you did in 2022.  This year we have included a free single entry for all member stations and individual members.  I urge you strongly at the very least, please take advantage of your free entry.  There are 21 categories for you to enter your videos in.  There is no doubt in my mind, that you can find one, if not five categories you can enter in.  Please do not take the stance of “there is no way I will win”!  The more entries in a category gives the judges a wide range of productions and the opportunity to judge on both uniqueness and technical quality.  Please visit the JAG website for more information.  Click on this link for further details:

Manager’s Round Table Discussions have already begun for 2023.  Our first one we held was on sponsorship for both programming and station.  Station managers from various JAG member stations talked about their experiences with sponsorships and examples as well.  Stations who were looking to implement sponsorships has lots of great questions to the group.  If you missed this session or want to revisit it, please visit the JAG website and go to our members only section where you will find this latest episode along with others held in the past.  Here is a link to the members only section of the JAG website: (this is password protected and you should reach out to Linda Besink, JAG Treasurer if you need a password).  For those who are interested in seeing examples of some sponsorship spots, I am including a link to the WBMA-TV website which has some samples: (scroll down to Sponsorship Demos playlist).  I urge you to look out for the next invitation to the March topic in which we discuss volunteers and how to get the most out of them.

Monthly General Members Meetings are a continued benefit in being a JAG member.  In January we held our second hybrid meeting (in-person and Zoom) as our meeting was hosted by Piscataway TV and a special vendor presentation and lunch by DeSisti Lighting.  It was once again great to gather together, eat lunch, conduct the business of JAG and hear and see a vendor presentation.  For those who could not make it in person were still able to participate via zoom, saw full access to the presentation by Paul from DeSisti Lighting and were able to ask questions and participate fully.  The only thing the online participants missed out on was a free lunch!  Our upcoming meeting in February will be a 100% Virtual.  Please look out for the upcoming invitation along with a special presentation by JAG Organizational Member Cablecast during out next meeting.  We will once again by hybrid in March as Bloomfield will host the in-person meeting and vendor presentation by TelVue.  I urge you to participate in the upcoming membership meetings as we also discuss, present and vote on things to help keep the organization running.  We always meet on the last Wednesday of each month, taking both July and August off in the summer.  I look forward as always to seeing all our members at our meetings.

JAG Conference is once again scheduled to be this year’s big event for the organization and its members!  Please mark your calendar now for Thursday, May 18th.  This will be a one-day event that will have user’s groups, vendor networking opportunities, great learning sessions for our members topped off in the evening with our annual banquet and JAG Video Awards Show.  Once again, we will be back at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ.  This is a MUST ATTEND event for all JAG Members (Muni, Educational, Individual and Organizational).  This will be a full day of non-stop training, onsite demonstrations on new equipment, great meals and treats, along with an evening cocktail party with our vendors and the Annual JAG Video Awards.  Please visit our new conference website for more information, registration and ongoing updates to this year’s event.  Visit now:

So, as you can see, the ground hog can’t be right!  Things are heating up already in JAG, even during the winter months.  I urge you to participate in JAG events, membership meetings, get your free entry in the JAG Video Awards and visit the JAG Conference website and register now for this year’s event.  It is very important for the success of JAG for all members to participate in all our JAG events.  These are designed specifically for the benefit and education of all our members.  Should you ever have any questions regarding anything JAG, please feel free to reach out to me directly at: